Changes, changes…

I feel like the most interesting thing about “day-to-day” activities is that they seem completely routine and uneventful until they’re not part of your routine anymore.  Then somehow they gain that magical mystique that so many things connected with our pasts are associated with.  What was once an ordinary daily stop at the coffee shop on the corner becomes a fond memory when it isn’t ordinary anymore.  Why does Biggby’s always have such a huge line in the mornings?  Couldn’t they hire more people? becomes  Remember how every Wednesday Biggby’s Coffee had a cherry-flavored coffee brew that I loved?  I haven’t been able to find any coffee that good since.

Having just discovered that I have been offered a new, exciting job in a new, exciting state (YEA!!!!!! by the way!), I am realizing in my last few weeks in west Michigan the nice parts of my daily routine that I’m going to miss.

I love stopping at Biggby’s in the morning and being greeted by the morning shift of baristas (typically Rob and Mike).  They already know what I usually order, so there’s very little to do beyond say ‘good morning’ and hand them my money and frequency card.

I think I’m in that frame of mind today… thoughtful and realizing how many of my day-to-day activities are going to become the stuff of memories in just a few short weeks…


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