Renting apartments in Seattle

I had a beautiful first day in Seattle! I ended up going to the Lululemon store for their yoga class this morning. It was awesome! Lululemon is in a mall in downtown Seattle, and they held the class in the main mall area because it was way too many people to fit in their store! There were probably 150 yogis and yoginis there, and the class was a perfect blend of flowing vinyasa and challenging stretches and balancing poses. Very fun! Then I took advantage of the sales they were running and the gift card I had to buy some cool yoga clothes. πŸ™‚

Because I spent extra time trying on yoga clothes, I was slightly late getting to the first apartment of the day that I was scheduled to view. I looked at four apartments in total today, and they were all really cool. I feel like I liked the second one I looked at the best, but it’s hard to say. I’m going to sleep on it for the night and decide whether or not I want it in the morning.

At the last apartment I toured, another girl about my age was there also looking for an apartment, and so the leasing agent showed both of us around together. It was fun, because we kept finding out things we had in common. We had both just moved to Seattle for new jobs, although she moved from Reno. She has actually visited Grand Rapids, because she has friends there. We both are runners who have had knee injuries. We both love yoga. We both have boyfriends not currently in Seattle. The leasing agent seemed to be having fun showing us around, so just to show us what it was like, he showed us one of their 36th floor penthouse apartments. My view of penthouses has always been, “Why is it so important to be on the top floor? What’s wrong with all of the other floors?” HOWEVER, after looking at that penthouse, all of the other apartments I had looked at were put to shame. Two full sides of the apartment were completely windows… floor to ceiling. Out of the windows on one side you could see Lake Elliot and Lake Union from one side to the other, the Space Needle, the mountains, and the entire towns of Queen Anne and Magnolia, sprawling up, up, up, away from downtown Seattle. Out of the other window you could look down at downtown, urban Seattle with all of its skyscrapers and glass-windows office buildings. The other girl, Caroline, and I were completely spell-bound. It was gorgeous… absolutely and positively gorgeous. AND it was huge… a grand two-bedroom apartment where each bedroom had a closet the size of all of the other bedrooms that I had viewed and its own spacious master bedroom. The kitchen was lovely and long, very galley-like (like most of the kitchens I’ve been seeing in apartments so far), and the tubs were very deep to allow for luxurious bubble baths. The view seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows, however, dominated the apartment… it felt as though the entire city of Seattle was something that you could reach out with your fingers and touch… it was that close to us… Seattle itself was almost an entity enticingly beckoning from just outside… inches outside. I loved it. Caroline loved it. We were almost convinced it was worth the $6,000 price tag, especially when the leasing agent jokingly pointed out that if the three of us split it and he was allowed to sleep in the pantry, it would only be $2000 a month. We were almost, but not quite, convinced. Then we looked at another apartment in the same building, but we weren’t interested. Who cared about 20th floor apartments with only a couple windows and no closet big enough to fit a twin bed? That gorgeous 36th floor penthouse had temporarily spoiled our interest in other, more commonplace, apartments.

Piper is curled up in my lap as I type this. I feel like that’s a really good sign. She’s been stand-offish to me ever since the plane trip and spent all her non-eating time under the bed. Now that she’s venturing out and is affectionate again, I feel like she’s starting to acclimate. It’s a pity that she’s just going to have to move again in another couple weeks, but at least this move won’t involve an airplane ride!!!

Tonight there’s a misty rain over the Puget Sound which makes it difficult to see the mountains that I know are there. I feel exhausted. I think adrenaline got me through today, but now that’s wearing off and I’m just tired. Too many nights recently without enough sleep are starting to affect me. How did I get so little sleep in college? How does Tom do it now? The life of a college student! πŸ™‚

I’m trying to motivate myself to go for a run so that I won’t fall asleep because I am pretty convinced that if I don’t work out, I’ll be asleep in the next hour. But maybe the sleep is better for me tonight and I can just do the run tomorrow morning… I prefer morning runs anyway and I want to make sure I’m well-rested before I start at Amazon on Monday. That will be the beginning of a whole other adventure… one adventure is moving and the other is the new job!

One thing that I’m honestly kind of shocked and surprised about is how I’m not freaking out or anything. I don’t know anyone at all here, but somehow I’m not feeling a lack of family and friends. Maybe it’s because I’ve already been talking to Mike and my family on the phone. Maybe it’s because I know Mike’s coming out here too. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to living alone, so most of the time at my apartment it’s just Piper and me anyway. Maybe I’ve just been too busy so far to have time to dwell on what a big life event this is. Maybe God is just giving me a peace about the whole situation.

There’s a big, lit-up cruise ship coming into the Puget Sound now. A bunch of Alaska cruise ships leave from Seattle to go north to the Aleutian Islands. The ships beautiful to see… especially at night when they’re like a sea of bright little lights in the otherwise dark Puget Sound. The cruise ship is gone from my view now, and my energy and will to stay up is leaving. Am I a big loser if I go to bed at 8pm? And, beyond that, do I care? πŸ™‚


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