Proud leaser of a new apartment!

Mike encouraged me to have a relaxing day today. He said that I’d need a break from my busyness. I had every intention of following that advice, but it didn’t exactly work out that way. The good news is that now, at 4:42pm, I am officially “done” for the day. No more work. No more errands. Only relaxation. 🙂

However, on the up side, I got a lot done today. 🙂

I got to bed early (not quite 8:00pm, but definitely by 9pm), so I was up and ready to go at 6am. I had decided that I wanted to go for a run through the neighborhoods of the apartments before it got light out so I could get a feel for what the neighborhoods were really like. I left my apartment at 6:30am and ran about 4.25 miles, taking a route that went past the apartments I viewed. Even on a Sunday morning at 6:30am (which should have been a completely DEAD time), there still seemed to be people around, and I noticed that there was a coffee shop right next to the apartment that I had liked the best which was already open and had several people in it. That looked encouraging. 🙂 It was extremely windy, and a little misty rainy, so I ran back to the apartment and then ran another 3.75 miles on the treadmill in the workout room. I had thought about going to yoga this morning at Lululemon (the same place I took yoga yesterday), but it would have been a little rushed, and I wanted time to shower. So instead I took a long relaxing shower, blow-dried my hair, and read a chapter of the Bible. My only goal for the day had been to maybe get a new sweater or something to wear to Amazon on my first day at work tomorrow. However, you know how you sometimes just get an idea stuck in your head? Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about that apartment downtown that I had liked the best. Yesterday I really wasn’t sure which apartment to get and somehow before I quite realized it, I was thinking a lot about that one specific apartment that I had looked at yesterday. I looked at the brochere that the guy at the apartment gave me, and I saw that they were open on Sundays. Perfect! I tried calling to see if that studio was still available, but there was no answer. Bummer. But then I thought maybe I could go to the Pacifica Place Mall (which is the home of both Lululemon and Express) to look for some work clothes, and then continue on to the apartment. Maybe someone would be there by the time I got there. I put on my little charcoal grey hat that I got yesterday to protect against the heavy winds and I put on my wool coat in case it started to rain again. I got to Pacifica Place around 10:42am and discovered that, although the mall doors were open, the individual stores didn’t open until 11am. I walked around and looked in windows and talked to Mike. We both were starting to feel like both he and I should just get apartments downtown and forget about bringing his car to Seattle. We made a final decision on it, and then I felt in even more of a rush to try to secure the studio apartment since I now had to find two studio apartments in Seattle (and with most apartments down here running at about 90% occupancy, it’s not easy to find vacant apartments and they don’t stay vacant long). So rather than waiting for the stores in Pacifica Place to open, I tried calling the apartment again. Still no answer. Hmm. I started off walking towards the apartment. I got there, and I recognized the same leasing agent there that I had met with the previous day. I went in, re-introduced myself, and inquired about the studio apartment. It was still available even though they had done several showings of it the previous day! I felt strongly that it was the apartment for me, so… I leased it! He said he could run a credit check on me for the application process, but that I’d need to give him two checks: one for the security deposit to hold the apartment and one for the application fee. I had brought my checkbook, but it only had one check left in it. Fortunately, I had brought all of the rest of my checks with me, so I had them back at the temporary apartment. I told him I’d pay the application fee and come back with a check for the security deposit. The apartment will be available the weekend of the 6th, so I’ll be staying in the temporary housing for the next two weeks. That’s just about perfect timing!

I went back, stopping by Whole Foods on the way to pick up a couple more grocery things. I love that store! 🙂

I went back later with a whole book of new checks, and then stopped at Pacifica Place on the way back and got a sweater for work tomorrow.

I feel like so many aspects of my personality lend themselves to living in Seattle that didn’t make sense when I was in Michigan. In Michigan people made fun of my big scarves. Here I wear one, and see many other women (and even some men!) in them. A scarf is a good medium between carrying an umbrella and having nothing on your head at all. If it rains, the scarf keeps most of the water off without the nuisance of carrying an umbrella incessantly. Also, I always stop at the grocery store every couple days and just get a small basket of groceries each time. People gave me a hard time about that too, but it works out perfectly in Seattle. I would never be able to carry a whole cart load of groceries home, so it works out that I’m already used to making a lot of small grocery trips. Also, when I stopped by Lululemon to look at yoga clothes and when I stopped at REI to look at walking shoes, women I didn’t know started talking to me out of the blue. That’s the kind of thing I would do in Grand Rapids, but no one else seems to do. So anyway, I feel right at home in Seattle amid all the focus on “being green” and “eating organic” and all of that stuff.

Oh, and I have found an Ashtanga Yoga studio that I want to try! I’m very excited about it… they also offer a teacher training program there, so this might be the one I focus on for my training! No one was there this weekend because all the teachers were attending a yoga retreat, but I’m going to try to take a class one night this week to see how it goes. I’m excited. 🙂

This has been a good, productive, but also tiring day. I’m relaxing at the apartment now with Piper curled up in a chair next to me. Yes, she seems to require her own chair. 🙂

The weather has been very, very windy and off and on rainy. I saw on the weather report that the headline said “First Big Storm Hits Washington and Oregon”. There wasn’t any thunder or lightening, but I was woken up this morning by the wind shrilly whistling around my apartment windows. It’s different than the wind in Michigan. In Michigan the wind tends to be consistent… here it’s very gusty. You can feel no wind at all, and then all of a sudden feel a gust of wind that almost lifts you off your feet. It’s kind of exciting… you never know when the next gust will hit. 🙂

The layout of the city of Seattle (the downtown portion of it anyway) reminds me of Washington D.C. Rather than having streets going north/south or east/west, most of the streets go at a 45 degree angle so that the whole downtown area is kind of diamond-shaped and the streets go southwest/northeast and southeast/northwest. Also, Pike’s Place (right next to the Sound) is on 1st street, and the streets just go up in number every block from there, so it’s hard to get lost. If you’re on 6th street and don’t know which way to go, you just start walking. Then if you hit 7th street, you know you’re going east, and if you hit 5th street you know you’re going west. Very convenient for those of us who are directionally challenged. 🙂

I have the Discovery Channel on, and it’s showing Planet Earth – Forests. I’m only half watching it, but you know…. a lot of the forests that are on there are similar to the ones I saw from the airplane flying into Seattle. I can’t wait until Mike’s here and we’re both established and we can go hiking in the Cascades and the other trails surrounding Seattle. I don’t know anyone at all here, but the environment just fits all pieces of my personality in a way that Grand Rapids never did. Even without knowing anyone, I feel right at home. 🙂


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