Windy! (But not as windy as Michigan!)

More windy, cold, rainy weather here! 🙂 But I’m not minding it… even though I have to walk to work in it!

I had a good day at work! I’ve been assigned to two projects, and I’m very excited to ramp up on them and start to contribute! I’m not going to talk much about work, though, because I have been assured by multiple co-workers including my boss how important security is and how little we are supposed to say outside of work. I’m getting to know a few people at work now… so that’s awesome! It gives me a little more of a sense of connection to Seattle.

Some people at work invited me to lunch today and asked me if I had any dietary restrictions because some of them are gluten-intolerant and vegetarian and things like that. Finally! A place where I’m not just viewed as being a picky or strange eater!!!! 🙂

There are several people who work around me who bring their dogs to work… I absolutely love it! The guy I share an office with has an Alaskan Malamute, and he said he’ll bring it in on Friday. Today someone brought in an adorable Pembroke Corgi with the softest ears! I even got to “watch” him for a little while and keep him at my desk. Very cool! 🙂

Also, I got a call today from Lululemon (the yoga clothing store that I went to this past weekend). Well, as part of their birthday bash, they had a raffle to give away prizes and I entered it (but forgot about it), but anyway I won a month’s worth of free yoga at a local studio!!! 🙂 Yea! 🙂 I had actually just picked out a yoga studio that I was going to visit tomorrow, but after this I’m going to wait to try that one and instead go to “Be Luminous Yoga Studio” for the next month! How exciting! Mike and I both agreed that’s an encouraging sign for my Seattle yoga! 🙂

Piper seems well tonight, but tired. I’m also well, but tired. Tired in mind, anyway… not super tired physically since I didn’t run today. Too wet and windy outside and I can’t motivate myself to go to the workout room tonight! The rain is supposed to taper off tonight and tomorrow’s supposed to be clear so I can run tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll just take yoga tomorrow instead! 🙂 I think tomorrow I get to go to a couple of meetings for my new projects… that will be fun and hopefully enlightening! Good night!


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