My first Seattle train ride!

A life full of ‘first’s’! Today I had to return the rental car that I got last Friday when I first landed in Seattle. At the airport they told me that I had to return the rental car by 5pm on Friday. At least I’m almost sure that’s what they said. I was really mentally and physically exhausted by that point. However, when I got my paperwork together tonight to take it with me to drop the car off, I realized that the paperwork said the car was due back on October 28… which is today (Thursday) at 5pm. Hmm. Great. So I headed out to the airport prepared to argue my way out of paying for an extra day. I dropped off the car, and wanted to know if I was being charged for an extra day because it wasn’t back by 5pm. The woman said that I wasn’t, because I had picked it up at 6:49pm and dropped it off at 6:45pm. So apparently I was 4 minutes from a late fee. I commented on that, and she said they actually had a 30 minute grace period. Ok, so 34 minutes from a late fee. God certainly protects children and fools, and I’m definitely not young enough to be considered part of the former category anymore. šŸ™‚

Then I found myself at the airport, surprisingly relieved to be rid of the rental car but with no means of transportation back except for public transportation. Time to figure out the bus system! šŸ™‚ I asked an employee at the airport if there was a bus I could take back to downtown Seattle, and she recommended the Light Link Train and said it went all the way to Westlake. Westlake! I knew Westlake! I go past that station every day on the way to work! She pointed me in the direction of the train station, so I started off at a brisk pace. As I was nearing the train station, I could see the train coming into the station. Worried I might miss it and have to wait for the next one, I took off at a run, bolting past people and running up two flights of steps to the train platform and got in. The train didn’t leave for another 7 minutes. How anticlimatic! The train was elevated, so I got a nice view of Seattle riding back from the airport, and now I know how that whole train line works for picking Mike up from the airport on Saturday. So now that I’m taking trains I’m one step closer to being a real native. šŸ™‚

I didn’t get to take any yoga classes this evening because of dropping off the rental car. Bummer! But it might be just as well because I’m actually still kind of sore from the yoga last night. I’m planning on taking it tomorrow night, though, if I get off of work in time. The yoga studio is right on my way home from work, so it’s actually incredibly convenient!

It is so interesting walking in downtown Seattle. You see so many interesting people. Just tonight I saw a host of different types of people. I saw many beaming couples with maps, probably visiting for the first time. I saw one woman in a wheelchair parked under a streetlight so that she could read her book. Does she have a home? I don’t know. I passed an art gallery, and there was a big, fancy event inside. Bright lights, tiny appetizers, bottles of champagne, and a live Latin band. The windows were open, and the light, the laughter, the vibrancy, and the music just spilled out into the darkened streets. I saw a hard-core girl who was carrying a huge wilderness pack on her back and had a backpack strapped across her chest. Was she carrying everything she owned? With two bags as big as those, I feel like she could have been!

Well, it’s late, and I’m tired. Time to brush my teeth and head to bed. I got the rental car returned, and that was my big goal for the day! šŸ™‚


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