Waiting for a Jet Plane…

Well, I’m not at the airport, so maybe technically I can’t be waiting for a jet plane yet. But pretty much my whole day has been planned around a jet plane. Mike’s flying in today! I talked to him briefly before he flew out of Grand Rapids, and then I talked to him briefly again during his layover (it was very, very brief… they were starting to board his plane one minute after he called). So I haven’t heard much from him and now I’m waiting patiently until it’s reasonably close to his flight time so I can go to the airport.

I woke up this morning, and it was sunny and beautiful and I went for a run along Elliot Bay (the part of the Puget Sound that’s just west of Seattle). During my run it got cloudier and cloudier. It was still beautiful, but cloudy. I got back from my run, showered, and then walked to the mall and the grocery store to get a few things for Mike’s arrival. As I was walking to the mall, it started to rain. Darn. Maybe it will stop before Mike gets here, although weather.com says differently. Oh well. At least it’s not cold!

I had a good time at the mall, and found a few good deals at Old Navy (I think of Tamara every time I go there!). I got Mike a hat, as I feel that’s the most necessary essential for Seattle “winter” (i.e. rainy, windy weather) and I got myself a pair of sunshiney yellow flip flops for use at the yoga studio.

I also wrote out detailed directions for myself on how to get to the Link Light Rail (although it was pretty unnecessary since I just did this Thursday night to return the rental car!). I also got a load of laundry in the dryer, so I feel like I’ve had a productive day.

I played Stick-Mouse with Piper today, and I think it’s a great sign that she’s playful again. However, she was doing her usual Piper thing where she’ll play for about a minute and a half and then she completely loses interest, so I go back to doing my own thing… and then she brings the Stick-Mouse to me and wants to play again. She actually fell off of the couch once in her wild efforts to catch the Stick-Mouse and then she quickly regained her composure and walked away… it’s as if she feels embarrassed and hopes no one saw her fall!

It’s very foggy and drizzly over Elliot Bay today. I can see the few buildings between Elliot Bay and the apartment window clearly, but there’s a thick fog hanging over the harbor. So if you sit and watch for ships coming in, they seem to appear all of a sudden out of the mist, almost like some ghost ship from Lord of the Rings. Except that ghost ships from Lord of the Rings probably didn’t look like giant, many-windowed cruise ships. 🙂 The other side of the bay is just barely visible. It’s actually very relaxing, and if I weren’t going out to pick up Mike in another hour or so it would be a great day to just relax and enjoy the grey weather. I could actually finally start reading my Princes of Ireland book. I might end up doing that this evening anyway, since I’m sure Mike will be exhausted after this past week and he’ll still be on Eastern Time, so he’ll probably go to bed really early. I’ll probably end up going to the airport early and just bringing my book. That’s not a terrible way to spend a few hours… reading in an airport, drinking Starbucks, and looking out at the rain waiting for Mike’s plane. It’s starting to sound appealing. At least I don’t have to wonder whether or not I’ll be able to find a Starbucks at the airport. 😉


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