Mike has officially arrived!

He flew in yesterday, and I met him at the airport! He looked like some kind of troubadour from the olden times because he was in a scuffed up leather coat and had a ukulele slung over his shoulder as he came off the escalator. πŸ™‚

So anyway, he has officially arrived! We took the train back from the airport and had dinner at a nice, cozy seafood restaurant where all the tables and interior were made of dark, stained wood. It was very warm, and we sat up at the bar so we could watch the chefs tossing stir fries around in their old, warped and blackened pans. It wasn’t raining last night, but it was chilly once the sun went down, so the restaurant was a perfect place to take the chill off with giant flames roaring up from the gas burners from time to time.

Today was an extremely busy day! We went to the Pike’s Place Market and got coffee at the very first Starbucks. There was a woman there with a very serious looking Canon camera who was taking pictures of the store and the baristas. I think it’s a tourist attraction for all the Starbucks lovers out there. πŸ™‚

Then we went to the Pacific Place Mall. Not for any particular reason. I’m kind of in the market for these greyish/brownish tall boots that all the women here seem to be wearing. They don’t have heels (which all my boots do), and with all the hills in the city, I think the flat boots are a lot more practical for walking! πŸ™‚ We didn’t find any good boots, but we did get to visit some stores and window shop in places like Tiffany’s, Gucci, and Louis Vitton. We also went into Nordstroms looking for boots, but the coolest-looking boots were $317. NOT exactly the price range I was looking for! πŸ™‚ So we mostly window-shopped. Mike was kind of bummed because he spilled some coffee on the sleeve of his new white sweatshirt, but we soaked it for awhile, and I’m convinced that with some work we can get the stain out! (If anyone has any ideas on how to get coffee out of white cotton, comment on this post and let me know!) I also took Mike to Whole Foods (my new most favorite grocery store in the world), and we had dinner there at their cafe/grill. Mike had beef brisket that he said was really flavorful. Mike also got steamed mixed veggies, and he liked them all except the eggplant. I can’t blame him… it took me awhile to get on speaking terms with eggplant!

Then Mike really felt in the mood to play some ukulele, but all of his ukulele books are still in transit from Michigan so we found a Guitar Center location about two blocks from Amazon and walked there. Mike picked out one instructional book and one Beatles for Ukulele book. Then we walked home. It was starting to get dark even at 6pm, but the city still seemed very alive… lots of cars and pedestrians. Some of the pedestrians were all dressed up for Halloween, which gave kind of an interesting feel to the walk home. Now it’s about 7:30pm, and we’re both just relaxing. We’ve done lots of walking today… one of the benefits of urban living with no car is all the unintended exercise gotten just through day-to-day walking! πŸ™‚



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2 responses to “Mike has officially arrived!

  1. Cathy

    god, i am just so happy for you. enjoy this time, you’ll never forget it.

  2. peacefulyogini

    Thank you Cathy… it’s been amazing so far! Very different (and even stressful in some ways) but totally amazing! Your support means so much! Hug Mabel (the most adorable skunk EVER!) for me!

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