The day for Helly Hansons!

It was rainy out today… not a misty rain but a real rain. I wore my wool coat to work, and it was ok but not ideal. Mike texted me that he felt trapped staying inside today because he only has a leather coat which ideally shouldn’t get too wet. So we decided to go to the Helly Hanson store in the mall this evening and get real Seattle raincoats.

There were tons of options at the Helly Hanson store. Many of the options were ridiculously expensive. We instantly discarded those. However, just their plain rain coat shells without any lining weren’t too expensive. I was of course intrigued to see that last year’s coats were on sale for 40% off. Anyway, both Mike and I got great raincoats! Mine is bright red, and Mike’s is an earthy brown color with bright orange trim. I’m excited to walk to work tomorrow so that I can wear mine.

After we stopped at the mall, we stopped at a grocery store that’s underground. There are escalators right off of the sidewalk that take you down to the store. They have an amazing variety of produce… fresh produce seems to be something that Seattle people thrive on. We picked up a few groceries there and then stopped at Subway for dinner. There’s not much better than a Subway spinach salad.

Mike worked some more on getting the stain out of his sweatshirt. We tried milk, and that helped, but the stain is still visible. ZOut is our next line of defense.

We also watched a Japanese Top Chef episode on TV. They take cooking so seriously! If you didn’t know it was a cooking show and could only see the expressions on their faces, I feel like you’d think it was a war show. All of the dishes made on the episode had to include Sweetfish (a Japanese fish). Many of the dishes made contained the fishs’ innards. One dish even contained the fishes’ livers coated with a miso/chcolate syrup. Yuck. That was definitely one cooking show that didn’t make me feel at all hungry. Not even Mike could muster any enthusiasm for that food.

I’m tired and ready to read a little and go to bed! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow too, but after we just got those raincoats it would almost be a pity if it didn’t rain! 🙂


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