A Night on the Town! (Well… sort of) :)

The past two days have been busy, but not with anything in particular… after work Mike and I have just walked around the city. It has been just beautiful here! It was 68 degrees, sunny, and just a little breezy. Perfect walking weather!

Tonight I wanted to walk to a burger place where I went with some people from work for lunch. They have a special on Wednesday nights where all of their burgers are half off, and I’m more conscious of money these days. All of their beef comes from grass-fed cattle on a farm in Washington, so it’s all natural and all local. They also have several veggie burger options, so there were also things for me. It’s about a mile and a half away, but of course with my sense of direction we walked two miles to get there. After we’d gone about 1.25 miles, Mike said we were doubling back the way we’d already come and he wanted to know if I really knew how to get there or if I was lost and then he further assured me that any opinion he had of my directional abilities (good or bad) wouldn’t be influenced by my answer. What kind of a statement is that anyway? šŸ™‚ And I wasn’t lost … I knew where I was. I just didn’t know how to get to the burger place. I’d only been there once, and only had a fuzzy idea of where it was. Soon we found ourselves outside of Guitar Center. “Is this where we want to be?” Mike asked. The smart aleck. Of course it wasn’t where we wanted to be. Eventually I found it and my world turned right-side-up again. Mike got the burger of the month (called the Norman Rockwell after the American painter) and it was a turkey burger with stuffing and cranberry sauce and other Thanksgiving garnishes. Pretty strange, but Mike said it was good. I got the southwestern veggie burger and doused it liberally in ketchup even though it already had tomatoes on it. I can never get enough tomatoes! Then we walked around the city a little more (taking a much straighter route back) and Mike started to get hungry again so we stopped at a street sausage vendor and Mike ordered a Kielbasa. “Cream cheese and onions with that?” the street vendor asked. Mike looked half shocked, half alarmed. “No, ” he said definitively. “No to all those things.” I almost laughed. The Kielbasa was very authentic though and smelled very spicy and warming. We sat at a concrete park next to a running water fountain and Mike ate his Kielbasa, entirely free of all condiments (most ESPECIALLY cream cheese and onions)! šŸ™‚

Mike took a lot of cool pictures today… we have to get them uploaded to the computer so that we can share them with everyone! That might be a “this weekend” project!

Mike made friends with a flower seller in the temporary apartments today. He rents a little room in the front of the apartment building where he sells flowers and makes flower arrangements. He told Mike he used to sell flowers downtown on the street corner, but that he was too old for that now. He used to work for a travel agency and got sick of it and quit, and now he’s been selling flowers for 20 years. What a cool story. šŸ™‚

Mike confused Piper today by eating an apple. Apparently Piper heard the crunch of the apple and thought I was home. I had to laugh. I eat so many apples that my cat associates them with me. But now doesn’t seem to be the time to stop eating apples… there are SO many apples for sale out here, and they’re all local, and organic and in-season and DELICIOUS! I have both Braeburns and Honey Crisps in the kitchen now and I just had one a couple minutes ago. They are so juicy and fresh!

Well, it’s getting late, and I have work tomorrow. Tomorrow night Mike and I are going to see the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, so that will be awesome! The Picasso pieces are on loan from the art museum in Paris. They’re selling tickets to it, and staggering the entrance times so that there won’t be too many people looking at the Picasso pieces at a time. Mike and I have 8pm tickets… so we’ll probably come early and look at the rest of the museum and then go into the Picasso exhibit at 8pm. Mike’s bringing his camera, but that’s only allowed for the regular museum, not the Picasso exhibit. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have fun art stories to tell tomorrow night! šŸ™‚


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