Artsy Fremont… We Love It!

What a busy couple of days!

Last night Mike and I went out to dinner at a really cool little restaurant that we found last weekend. It’s primarily a seafood place, but it also has soups, salads, steaks, etc. It’s small and everything inside is dim with candles on the tables and dark wooden chairs and booths. It also has an open kitchen so that you can sit up at the bar and watch the cooks stir-frying food. A very cool place! Mike and I even split a dessert (which we hardly ever do) because they had a poached granny smith apple stuffed with cinnamon, raisins, and walnuts. Very yummy!

I went to bed pretty early and then got up early and went running. I actually passed some people waiting to run a 5k race, and that made me remember doing races in Grand Rapids… that’s definitely something that I want to do out here as well! It wasn’t very wet out, but there was a light misty rain so it was a fairly wet run. Then Mike and I went out to the Pike’s Place Market in search of a music store we had heard existed there. (Mike was looking for a strap for his ukulele.) We had no luck finding the music store, but we definitely got a sense of what the Pike Place market was all about… it’s so interesting going there as a Seattle resident instead of a tourist! We kind of decided today that, unless we’re specifically looking for some fish or produce, we probably won’t go to the Market much. It is very touristy, everyone’s snapping pictures of everything, there’s lots of “Seattle”-labeled stuff for sale, and the lines at Starbucks are really long. However, we did go into a used bookstore that was awesome! It was owned by a really friendly, outgoing Jewish guy with a bushy beard who looked like a rabbi. We wandered around looking at books, and I found “The Princes of Ireland”, which is a book I just bought in G.R. before I left. Too bad I already bought it! I did find the sequel there as well, though, so I bought that. The Jewish bookseller talked to us about Seattle, recommended apartments for Mike, and told me he loved Edward Rutherford (the author of the book I bought). Then he told us his name was David and that he hoped we’d be back to visit. What a nice, fun man! I just love the people I’m meeting out here!

Then we stopped by my new apartment (which I now officially have possession of!), and while we were there I asked whether they had any other studios available since Mike is now greatly in the market. Well, they actually think they are going to have one coming available that isn’t on the market yet so we got on the waiting list for it! So hopefully that comes through, and then Mike and I could be in the same apartment complex again… very convenient and nice! πŸ™‚ Additionally, we found out that the apartment complex has storage facilities, so we’re thinking we’ll just have our stuff from Michigan dropped off at one of their storage locations, and then we can get our stuff divided up and moved to our respective apartments ourselves at our own pace. So that will also be really convenient! It’s amazing how God is working everything out!

Then we googled music stores to find a place to look for a ukulele strap for Mike, and we found that there was one in Fremont. We had wanted to visit there anyway, because Mike’s sister Cathy said she loved it there. Time to figure out the bus system! πŸ™‚ Without too much trouble, we soon found ourselves on Bus line 28 out of Seattle towards Fremont. The bus stop in Fremont was literally right in front of the music store… how much better could it get than that? πŸ™‚ We went inside, down a rickety flight of old, wooden, creaky stairs…. and were instantly greeted by a WALL of about 20 or 30 ukuleles. Mike’s eyes lit up. He played a bunch of them, and he has now officially found the ukulele of his dreams. I walked farther into the store and then… I saw… oh my gosh!!! Twenty HARPS!!! For those of you reading this who knew me when I was seventeen or so (which admittedly is probably only my immediate family!), I was interested in learning the harp as a teenager, but they were too expensive, and there weren’t many harp teachers in the G.R. area anyway. Well, as it turns out, this music store in Fremont makes harps and dulcimers! And they make an entry level line that aren’t full-size and are pretty reasonably priced! So… I’m actually considering buying one after the holidays. I know it’s crazy… I should just play the guitar that’s coming from Michigan as I write this, but I feel like this is such a great opportunity! Where else am I going to find inexpensive harps and lessons? Anyway… I’m certainly not buying one now, but it’s in the back of my mind that it might finally be time to learn how to read the bass clef and take up a new instrument. Maybe sometime later when Mike gets his ukulele (incidentally, they also have ukulele teachers and workshops there!)… maybe I’ll get a harp then. Everything seems possible in Seattle (how naive and idealistic does that sound?). πŸ™‚

We browsed around the music store for awhile… it was fascinating! They had all kinds of instruments… everything from xylophones to Irish pennywhistles to hammered dulcimers (which they also make themselves) to lutes. SO much fun! Mike and I were pretty much in love! They were having a harp workshop while we were there, so we could see about twenty-five harp students all sitting with their harps listening to the harp teacher at the front of the room. I have NEVER seen as many harps in my life as I did today! They’re also having a Patrick Ball concert in February… he’s a famous harpist. It would be fun to go see him!

Mike and I stopped at several more shops in Fremont as we waited for the bus…. each one was kind of crazy and artsy and unique. What a fun town! Mike and I were huge fans and plan to go back often! Then we waited patiently for the bus as the rain started to come harder. Then a quiet, dark ride back to Seattle in the rolling, softly bumping bus.

Now it’s just a quiet, rainy evening… perfect for reading the Bible and some of the “Princes of Ireland” book. Now I really better finish it because I have the sequel. πŸ™‚

Mike’s watching Back to the Future 3 on television, though, and assures me that ZZ Top is in the movie in about an hour so maybe I’ll put off reading until I’ve seen ZZ Top. πŸ™‚


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