Relaxing Day

It was such a relaxing day it’s almost not worthy of a post, so I’ll just do a short one. šŸ™‚

Mike and I wandered around Seattle today, and I found a couple good deals on some new work shirts from Old Navy (since I am sick of rotating the same four sweaters to work until my clothes arrive!). I don’t think I ever fully appreciated Old Navy before. When you can get camisoles for $6 and a sweater for $20, that is just awesome!

We were just going to read and relax and not even do any shopping, but it was such a beautiful day outside that we had to! It was sunny and 55 degrees and gorgeous! How can you not walk in weather like that? šŸ™‚

This afternoon Mike watched Back to the Future II, and I monitored it while reading the “Princes of Ireland” book. It promises to be good, but since it’s very long and I’m only on page 21 there’s still a lot more to read.

Nothing else interesting… that’s good though. It means it was a relaxing Sunday!


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