Quiet evenings

Mike and I have had a relaxing last couple of nights. Last night he met me at REI when we got out of work, and I showed him my new apartment. He thinks it’s a great choice for Piper and me, even though it’s tiny. If it’s just too tiny, I’ll move someplace else next year. Then we stopped at Whole Foods and Mike got a beef tips meal from their deli, and I got a salad from their salad bar. It was WAY too good! Now that we’re not on daylight savings time, it feels like it gets dark so early! It’s only just starting to get light when I walk to work in the morning, and it’s dark when I leave to go home in the evening.

I did get to see some daylight today though. Amazon had their corporate “All Hands” meeting at a different location, so they offered a bunch of buses to take people from the various Amazon locations to the meeting location. It was an interesting meeting, and it was held at a beautiful conference building right next to the Pacific Northwest Ballet studio (and I would really like to see them at some point incidentally!). I did notice that they’re showing the Nutcracker this holiday season, and that’s a ballet that I know the story behind and can thus follow along with better than a lot of the ballets.

Mike was out walking yesterday in his new hooded sweatshirt that he’s very proud of and an urban guy smoking a cigarette wanted to know where Mike got his hoodie. Mike told him he got it in Michigan, and the guy said, “Oh man! I gotta get me one of those.” Mike’s Creston downtown, urban roots are coming out… he apparently has the sweatshirt that’s the envy of the urban crowd. šŸ™‚

Mike and I went to Macys this weekend… they have Christmas lights up all along their 6-story building downtown. It all looks so festive. šŸ™‚ Although, as Mike pointed out, Macys is kind of a Christmas store all year round. There are starting to be some Christmas lights up in the streets of Seattle… I’m excited to see what the downtown area will look like in December.

Well, not much has been going on lately, so it is time for a little reading, and then time for sleep!


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