Last night Mike and I went out for dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant called Il Fornaio. It was awesome… the menu was amazing and very authentic. You can read about it here.

It was really good, the waiter was awesome, and the atmosphere there was fabulous… high ceilings, dark wood, graceful dim lighting… very cool!

Then we went to Barnes and Noble to find a book for Mike since he finished the last book he was reading. He got a John Grisham book that looked interesting. He’s mostly actually been reading “What Color is Your Parachute?” though. That’s a kind of career guidance book, and Mike seems to be finding it interesting so far.

I am getting farther in my Princes of Ireland book, and I love it. It’s so interesting seeing a different culture in a different time period, and this book and its sequel takes Ireland from the beginning of recorded history to the present. Crazy!

It was actually beautiful and sunny out yesterday and today, although it did start raining a little bit this evening, so last night was a perfect night to walk around a little and look in stores. We went to a boot store and all the boots there were awesome, but they were really expensive!

Today was a really good day at work… I feel like I’m finally starting to get used to things at Amazon and get into the swing of things on my projects. I’m also getting to know some people and that helps a lot too.

Yesterday Mike emailed me bus directions so that I could take the bus home, so I went out to find the bus stop after work. I found the bus stop without any difficulty and I waited beside the one on the side of the street going south since I was north of my apartment. So far, so good. Then the bus came, but the sign on it said it was going to the U-district. I knew that was north, and not the way I wanted to go. I thought that maybe I needed to take the bus on the other side of the road and the bus must turn around at some point and head back south. So I waited there for ten minutes, and then the bus came. Unfortunately, that bus was also labeled “U-district”, so I figured that they must have just have just forgotten to switch the sign on the other bus when they turned around from the U-district and started heading back downtown. So I decided I was not waiting back on the other side of the street for the first bus to come again. So I walked home.

Today, however, I gave it another shot and everything went perfectly smoothly. The correct bus arrived just as I reached the bus stop, it was labeled Downtown, and I got on and rode home without incident. I think I’m getting the hang of this bus thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. This week has gone by incredibly fast. I think the best thing about Thursday is that it’s the last work night of the week. One more work day till the weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚


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