Last night Mike met me coming out of work because he was out in South Lake Union filling out an apartment application anyway. That’s right… there is officially an apartment for him in the same apartment complex as mine! 🙂 That will be convenient. We’re really looking forward to being in more permanent housing and actually having all of our stuff again. We’re somewhat limited in what hobbies we can pursue because all of our stuff is still in storage. That means that Mike can’t do trance music, I can’t study French… all of that has to wait until our stuff is unpacked. Consequently, Mike spends a lot of time with his ukulele, and in the evenings we walk around Seattle (rain or shine!) and watch television or read. That’s fun, and we’ve learned a lot about Seattle, but it feels very temporary and I feel like it’s hindering us from really feeling at home here. We’re stuck in a “tourist” kind of state until we get our stuff here I think. But, hopefully on Monday if the movers are available we’ll get our stuff moved to the new apartments. Yea! 🙂

So anyway, last night Mike and I met at the new apartments, and then walked out to dinner. We found what looked like a nice restaurant and went in. Our waiter was very attentive and refilled our water glasses constantly. Then we walked home and watched part of a Harry Potter movie on ABC since apparently they’re doing Harry Potter marathons this weekend to get everyone interested in the new Harry Potter movie coming out on the 18th… which Mike and I are really looking forward to by the way!

We were both pretty mentally and physically exhausted by that point.

This morning, though, I woke up feeling refreshed and went running. Then Mike and I decided to go back to Dusty Strings, the music store in Fremont we visited last week. Mike played a lot of ukuleles, and I asked a lot of harp questions of one of the employees. I’m getting more and more interested in getting a harp. They have several wonderful harp teachers at Dusty Strings, one of whom even does a lot of instructional DVDs and books and another of whom used to be the harpist for the Seattle Philharmonic. They have two good ukulele instructors, too, so at some point it would be cool if Mike and I could go there together for lessons. Fun! Sometime later when we’re not watching money as carefully. 🙂

Then we ate at a tiny cafe called Homegrown that featured organic soups, salads, and sandwiches. Mike had a meatloaf sub (who even knew they made such a thing?), and I had roasted tomato and lentil soup. Really good and warming! Then we walked around Fremont for awhile and just looked at the different stores. Then we waited for the bus and took it back home. I’m really starting to love the bus system, especially now that I’m becoming familiar with a couple of the bus lines.

Work has been going well. I’m getting to know the job better with each week that goes by, and that’s so much nicer than being brand new. I’m enjoying this time of being new, but I’m also looking forward to knowing more about the job and being more experienced.

This morning it was cloudy and the harbour looked grey and cold. For about ten minutes, though, the clouds broke near the horizon, and Mike and I could see the long, low rise of the snow-covered mountains off to the north just rising above the mists over Elliot Bay. The sun seemed to be glinting off the snow on their peaks, even though there wasn’t any sun visible down at our level. Everything seemed quiet… there weren’t even many cars going by on interstate 99 outside the window. It was a beautiful morning. 🙂

Mike and I are planning on a relaxing evening. We’ve already been running around all day so reading and ukulele playing and maybe watching another Harry Potter movie might be in our futures. Probably petting a little black cat too. 🙂


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