Foggy Morning and White Christmas Tea

Last night was just a little rainy/misty, but the sky still seemed pretty clear. Overnight, though, a heavy fog rolled in off of the Puget Sound, and today everything is blanketed in a think cloud of fog. As I look out the window of the temporary housing, I feel like if I didn’t know better, I’d think the swirling fog outside was a snowstorm! I can’t see anything beyond the building next to this building. The entire Elliot Bay area is enveloped in thick white cloud, and even just looking down and trying to see I-99 is a challenge. Maybe we’ll get a white Christmas after all, and it will just be a foggy Christmas instead of a snowy Christmas! 🙂 Of course, when we’re in the South Lake Union area and not right next to Elliot Bay, I don’t know if we’ll get fog that’s as thick. We’ll see… still much to be discovered about the weather!

Yesterday after Mike and I rested after our trip to Fremont we decided to go out again and look at some stores. We went to Macys… that’s such a great store to visit this time of year because they have Christmas trees everywhere and Christmas lights and those silver reindeer that seem to be their Christmas trademark. Very fun! We looked there for awhile, and then decided to go to Barnes and Noble looking for a DVD to watch (since we discovered that the temp housing does, in fact, have a DVD player!).

On the way there, we passed a man playing “drums” on top of three overturned buckets huddled under a store awning to stay dry in the misty rain. He had a great sense of rhythm and was really good. The street musicians here are awesome!

We looked around at Barnes and Noble for awhile, and got a couple things and then headed back. We passed another street musician playing a tenor saxophone (which was a lot longer than a regular sax). He was playing a Christmas song, and he sounded really good. There’s something almost magical about wandering around downtown with Christmas lights strung on trees along the streets, lots of people out and about, and hearing an amplified tenor saxophone through the light rain. Very cool!

On the way back, Mike and I stopped at a hat store. Oh my gosh! There was such a huge variety of hats, it was incredible! At least a thousand… probably a lot more. I saw a really cute bright pink woolen felt hat with a little flower on the side. Maybe someday!

This morning, I got up early and went to the grocery store. I also got some coffee for Mike. The fog has gotten worse since I went out, so maybe the rest of the day is just going to be foggy.

I saw some White Christmas tea on sale at the grocery store, so I got a box. It looks really good! On the box it says, “Rare white tea, cool peppermint, and a hint of ginger come together to create an uplifting and enticing cup”. Sounds good to me!


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