First Night in South Lake Union!

Yesterday Mike and I moved all of the stuff out of our temporary housing, said goodbye to the 14th floor, the gorgeous view of Elliot Bay, and the padded kitchen chairs that Piper loved, and we moved everything to the new apartment building. It took a lot longer than we thought it would because we had already accumulated more stuff than we realized… even in just five short weeks. As soon as Piper saw us packing suitcases and putting things in bags, she realized what was happening. She’s getting to understand this moving process, having done it four times in the past six weeks. She meowed pitifully and looked up at me with the biggest, most scared eyes, and I felt like a horrible villain to be doing this to her. I put her stick-mouse in a plastic bag, and she jumped up and put her tiny black front paws into the bag to try to retrieve it. It was so heartbreakingly sad. Then she stopped mewing and retreated to the top of the refrigerator because she was so scared. She sat up there, surveying us as we packed things up… crouched into a tiny black ball. Then we were ready to go, so we got a cart from the concierge to take our stuff down to the parking garage below the apartment building where we had the rental car ready. I put Piper in her cat carrier, and she meowed sadly and loudly and then she fell silent.

It was such a long evening… getting stuff moved, getting a shower curtain, picking up basic groceries because we had tried to eat up most of the stuff in the temporary housing. And then we had to find pillows, towels, and basic essentials from the boxes of things that we hadn’t even begun to unpack yet. We didn’t get to bed till 1am and we didn’t have internet so even if I had wanted to post an update I wouldn’t have been able to (not that I wanted to… I was pretty exhausted!).

When we got to the new apartment and got everything unpacked, we let Piper out. She was confused and scared and ran from room to room, mewing and not sure what to do or where to go. I was really concerned about her. But then I picked her up and set her on the top of her kitty condo. She smelled it a bunch, rolled around in the little basket on the top of it, and it was like she had found a long lost friend. She’s been on it much of the time since then, and now she’s completely recovered from the shock of yet another move. I feel like the familiar smells of all of the things from my old apartment are soothing to her and she realizes that this is ‘home’… which she knew the temporary housing never was. I still have all the unpacking and everything to do, but Piper at least seems perfectly content as long as she can sit on the windowsill and on her kitty condo. 🙂

Mike contacted Comcast and had internet set up at my apartment today, and he’s going to just connect wirelessly to the internet using his wireless router. We’ve never lived close enough to be able to share internet before, so this will be nice!

It’s really nice being closer to work, and it’ll be a lot better and more homey after I get some unpacking done this weekend!

Tonight Mike and I walked to Barnes and Noble and he got the next season of the Hercules Poirot series of mysteries. He is loving them! He said he and his dad used to watch them together. I’ve watched several with him, and they’re really good. Very Sherlock Holmes-ish, with a super observant detective, a nice but pretty uninteresting sidekick, and very hard-to-unravel plots. I didn’t realize it before, but The Murder on the Orient Express movie is actually a Hercules Poirot movie.

Anyway, tonight will be relaxing and we don’t have anything else planned. We need the break. Mike wasn’t feeling well today, and I had a long day at work. So a relaxing night in the crowded, box-filled new apartment with a magazine for Mike and a crossword puzzle for me sounds like a good plan.


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