Cold, windy weekend!

Although I was looking forward to leaving all forms of cold weather and winter back in Michigan, I have to reluctantly admit that the past two days have been cold and very windy. I feel like the cold weather wouldn’t be so bad, but when the wind is so strong it makes it feel like it’s a lot colder than it is. So yesterday, Mike and I decided it was time to get fleeces to go under our Helly Hanson windbreakers for an added layer of warmth. We shopped around at REI, Northface, and Helly Hanson, and determined that Helly Hanson had the best prices so we each got a black fleece. That made walking around for the rest of the day much better! We walked around a lot yesterday! Since we were at the mall going to Helly Hanson, we also stopped by Nordstroms so I could look for some good, warm walking boots on sale. Mike and I aren’t used to shopping at really nice places like Nordstroms. I found a pair of boots I wanted to try on, so I asked one of the associates there if he could get a pair in my size. He came back five minutes later with four huge boot boxes and watched attentively while I tried each one on and then explained the pros and cons of each boot to Mike and me. I really liked one of the pairs that he recommended, so I ended up getting that pair. He took the boots up to the front counter and got them put in a bag with a little metal handle on it so it would be easier to carry. The service there was just excellent!

After we got back from the mall, I got a little bit of unpacking done, but everything is still kind of in shambles. I’ll try to get some more done today. Then we left the apartment again to go back to the mall to meet Katie and Andy, relatives of Mike’s sister Cathy, who live in Everett. We were excited to meet people here in Seattle! It’s always difficult not knowing anyone. We were meeting them at that really nice Italian restaurant Il Fornaio that’s in the mall, and we got to the restaurant early because we wanted to walk around the mall a little first. We stopped at the little Il Fornaio cafe that’s right in the middle of the first floor of the mall. All of the lights were kind of dim in the mall, so it was very relaxing and there were lots of people there but everyone was just talking quietly and there wasn’t any crazy hustling and bustling going on. We each got a small coffee at the cafe and sat and relaxed while we drank it and watched people walk by around us. Then we went to the restaurant to meet Katie and Andy. They arrived there shortly after we did, and we had a really fun evening with them! Katie is such a sweet person… so outgoing and friendly and fun, and Andy reminds Mike and me a lot of Todd… very softspoken, thoughtful, and with a dry sense of humor. We all talked pretty continuously through dinner and then were planning to walk around the mall for awhile, but all the mall stores seemed to be closing so we went downstairs to the Barnes and Noble. We knew that would be open! Andy is really well read and had lots of reading suggestions for Mike, and Katie and I looked at puzzles, bookends, and other miscellaneous books. We had a great time with them and hope we’ll be able to hang out with them again soon! After they left Mike was ready to see Harry Potter at the movie theater at the top of the mall. I was kind of tired, but also wanted to see it and Katie and Andy had just assured us that it was really good. So we got tickets to the 9:30pm showing. It was extremely good! It seems like it was really close to the book, but I haven’t read the book in three years, so I can’t be sure. We were definitely tired when we got out, but the fresh, cold night air woke us up a little bit. All in all, yesterday was a very busy, very fun day! And today, I think, will mostly be spent relaxing, grocery shopping, and unpacking. 🙂


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