After the Dinner…

After I roused Mike from his late morning nap with the promise of coffee, we walked half a mile towards downtown to pick up our dinner from Whole Foods. It was actually really nice out. No wind, clear skies, and about 40 degrees. Much better than the sub-freezing stuff!

We arrived at Whole Foods and they looked up our order and brought a box of holiday meal goodies from the back room. I looked at the box and it said “Traditional Holiday Meal for 8”. I went back to the counter and explained that I’d ordered the petite meal and asked if I’d been given the wrong one. They said that they gave me the meal that was one size up for the same price because they thought they were out of the petite meals. They said they’d found the petite meals, but had already wrapped up the Traditional one for me and said I could just take it. Ok. That sounded good. We’d have leftovers! Mike wanted some white wine with the turkey, so we got a bottle of German Riesling which supposedly has hints of apple and pear in it. The apple and pear sound good even though the past year when I’ve had wine it’s been red and I’ve gotten more into red than white. We carried everything home (and discovered in the process that the Traditional dinner for 8 was heavier than the petite dinner).

Everything was already cooked, so we just had to heat and eat! The turkey took two hours to re-heat in the oven, so we decided to just heat things up one at a time so that we could spread our Thanksgiving dinner over the course of the day instead of having it all in one meal. It worked out perfectly! The rolls and cranberry sauce were first. Then the green beans. Then the mashed potatos. Then the turkey and stuffing last. It was all spread over a three hour time period so it worked out really well! We didn’t get too full, and we got to nibble throughout the day. Perfect!

Mike also discovered how to carve a turkey with youtube’s help, and I thought he did an awesome job! I took before and after pictures of the turkey and hope to post them soon. Now it’s 6:30pm, and Mike’s talking to his family on the phone. It’s been a good Thanksgiving for us, but we do miss our families!

We’re sending out a very special Happy Thanksgiving wish to my family and Mike’s today… across the miles and over the Rockies and all the way back to Michigan! A very happy and blessed Thanksgiving to Mom, Dad, Tom, Marcia, Nate, Cathy, Todd, Mabel, Margi, and Matt… we miss you all and will see you soon! 🙂


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