Thanksgiving in the City…

This week was a quiet but busy week at work. Emails were flying around because so many people were working from home because of the weather. It’s been in the high twenties all of this week, but today it’s supposed to get up to 40 degrees. A heat wave! 🙂 That will actually get the temperatures closer to normal, and all the snow is already gone. When you only have a half inch of snow, it doesn’t take long for it to all melt. 🙂

Mike and I aren’t doing anything special for Thanksgiving. I called my family earlier, and Mike is going to call his family later today. I think this is the first Thanksgiving ever that we haven’t been with our families. The nice thing about the internet and email and blogging and telephones is that it allows us to stay in touch really well, even though it’s remote. It’s getting warm enough outside so that I would be up for walking around the city a little, but Mike’s tired. He’s actually asleep right now. He was up earlier this morning, drank a cup of coffee, checked out Guitar Center’s Black Friday sales online, took a shower, and promptly fell back asleep. I went down to the workout center here at the apartment and on my back from there I stopped at to see if the coffee house on the corner was open. It’s the most amazing coffee house… their coffee is actually known in Seattle as being some of the best in the city (and in the home of Starbucks and Seattle’s Best and Tully’s Coffee… that’s really saying something!). They are literally a 30 second walk from our apartment building, and they’re called Espresso Vivace. They have very special espresso blends and VERY, VERY expensive espresso machines. I can totally tell the difference between an Americano from there and from Starbucks… their coffee is just ridiculously good! Mike has become addicted to their lattes. Mike pretty much becomes addicted to anything of high quality… it doesn’t matter what it is. 🙂 It’s a very cute little shop too… everything’s made of dark wood, with a big oil painting of the South Lake Union area on the wall and two whole sides of the coffee shop surrounded by floor to ceiling windows with a bar running along it so you can sit inside at the bar, drink your coffee from an oversized mug, and watch people going by on the street. Anyway, they’re closed for Thanksgiving. So instead I came upstairs and made more coffee for Mike. I don’t know if he’s ready for it though… he still seems pretty solidly asleep. 🙂

In another hour we’re going to Whole Foods Market to pick up the pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner I ordered from there. I know… pretty lame. I should just cook. The thing is with most of the pots and pans still unpacked and so many boxes everywhere, everything’s still a mess and there’s not really any room to cook a big meal. Maybe not even a small meal. So something that we can just bring home and reheat is perfect. And since it’s from Whole Foods we know that it will be all natural and good quality. So I’m looking forward to our purchased Thanksgiving dinner, although I’m sure it won’t be as good as Mom’s or Mike’s aunt Joanie’s.

Piper seems to be enjoying herself a lot. With so many boxes still unpacked and stacked around the apartment, she feels like it’s a jungle and she gets endless excitement exploring among the boxes. The one really annoying thing she does, though, is that she bats the flaps on the opened boxes in the middle of the night. So I keep waking up to the sound of her little cottonball paws whacking the loose cardboard flaps. That’s at night though. During the day she just wants to sleep. Right now she’s curled up in my lap as I write this and her head is tucked in my elbow so I’m trying to type without moving my arms at all so I don’t disturb her sleep (although she’s been disturbing mine lately with all that whacking!). 🙂

I actually work tomorrow, but I suspect most people will be taking the day off and won’t be there so it will be another quiet but busy day.

Mike and I are still enjoying our mini Christmas tree with our two ornaments on it. I think the past couple of days might be as close to a White Christmas as we get, so we decided to get in the Christmas spirit and enjoy the white, cold weather!

Last night we had the tree lights on and watched three Hercules Poirot episodes. Mike has just been such a huge fan of those lately. And I have to admit… they’re pretty suspenseful and interesting… it’s very hard to guess what’s going to happen! I haven’t guessed one episode right so far and I’ve seen five or six. It’s almost like you just can’t guess because there’s no way to know!

All right… time to try to rouse Mike and hand him coffee. I need him awake in time to help me carry the dinner home from Whole Foods! Happy Thanksgiving!


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