Bus Transfers to IKEA

Friday seemed to go fast. I was at work, but I had just had Thursday off, and I knew I had the weekend coming up. Mike had a headache most of the day, but he was starting to feel better by the time I got home. It’s in the mid-forties now, so our brief “blizzard” experience is a thing of the past. There was a little misty rain outside, but nothing very traumatic so Mike and I walked to Guitar Center to see if there were any good Black Friday deals. We walked through the whole store… the drums section, guitar section, recording section… every section. It always amazes me how much Mike knows about music things. We wandered around Guitar Center for awhile and then walked up towards the mall so we could look at books and magazines in Barnes and Noble. I saw a French fashion magazine there that was imported from the UK and was written entirely in French. How cool! Maybe I’ll get something like that to practice my French reading if I ever get all my French stuff unpacked so I can actually start learning French again. Mike poured over music recording magazines. He’s starting to go crazy without his Trance music computer setup. We have to wait one more week till his studio opens up, and then he can start settling into his new apartment and get his trance stuff set up. We read for awhile last night, and it was really peaceful. I read my “Princes of Ireland” book, and Mike read a book by John Grisham called “The Confession”. He says it’s interesting and thought-provoking. He’s almost done with that and then he’s going to read a book that Cathy’s brother-in-law Andy recommended to him. He’s getting to be quite the reader! πŸ™‚

Yesterday (Saturday) morning I got up at 8am and went for a run. It was so nice and cool and pretty outside that I ended up running for 10 miles. When I got home Mike and I went and explored the Capitol Hill district… yet another of the numerous downtown Seattle districts. It’s such an amazing area… there are so many clothing stores and boutiques! I was really inspired by some of the women’s clothes I saw, but all that can wait until later when we’re not watching finances as closely.

Then that afternoon we went to IKEA to look for a desk and a bed for Mike since he got rid of those items in the move and is going to need replacements soon. IKEA was in Renton, about 15 miles away. It turned out to be quite an ordeal getting there via buses though. The bus line that we took there stopped running for the day before we were ready to leave, so we had to take a whole different bus line home which required us to walk a mile out of our way. These are the times when it would be very convenient to have a car so that we don’t spend a bunch of time on buses and transferring to other buses and walking to bus stops, etc. However, both Mike’s and my legs are in much better shape now than they were in Michigan! With all the hills and all the walking we’re doing we’re probably really helping our cardiovascular systems too! πŸ™‚

The bus towards Renton let us off at the hugest, most amazing mall I’d ever seen. I was pretty enchanted and would have loved to take a full 8 hours to explore it (because I really think that’s how long it would have taken!), but we had to catch another bus from there to get to IKEA. We spent about an hour looking at IKEA and found some things that looked reasonably priced. We didn’t buy anything though. Then we left there and I pulled out the directions that we needed to walk to our bus stop a mile away. The first thing it said was to walk east on 41st street. Well, we were on 41st street, but which way was east? There was no way to tell since we didn’t know the area at all, and it was completely dark outside. We randomly picked one direction (of course it was the wrong one). πŸ™‚ So we ended up wandering around for quite awhile before we found the bus stop… and then we had to catch another bus at the transfer station… and then we had to walk home from the downtown bus station where it let us off. We are definitely starting to figure out the bus station! With all of that eventfulness, we didn’t get home till 10pm and we were both pretty exhausted. I read for awhile and Mike looked things up online. I went to bed around 1am but Mike, ever the night owl, was up much later than that. These past couple days he’s been staying up till 4am reading the John Grisham book. He’s probably done with it now after being up so late last night.

Today is just going to be a relaxing day since I have to go back to work tomorrow. I went out to the grocery store this morning and now I’m drinking cucumber white tea and looking out at the sunshine. Very relaxing!


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