A Craigslist Desk!

I already know something about the wonders of Craigslist, having gotten my little green leather couch off of there, but now I have a new reason to love Craigslist! Sunday afternoon Mike and I were just relaxing and I was reading “Princes of Ireland” (which is VERY good by the way!) when Mike looked up from the computer and said there was a Craigslist music desk for sale in south Seattle for $50, and did I want to go pick it up. So, at 5pm we started scrambling. Mike called the guy in South Seattle and he said we could come pick it up that day. I activated my ZipCar card. Mike reserved a Zipcar to drive there. We located an ATM where we could withdraw money without fees. An hour later we were hurrying down the street in the dark and came to the corner where our ZipCar was supposed to be. And there it was… a Honda Element with a ZipCar scanner on the windshield. I swiped my ZipCard on the scanner and the light blinked green, but the car didn’t open. Really? How anticlimatic. Then we realized it was only 6:18pm and our reservation didn’t start until 6:30pm. Oh. Mike took this opportunity to remind me that if I didn’t always insist on being early for everything we wouldn’t be waiting in the misty rain for a car that wouldn’t open for another 12 minutes. Fortunately it was parked along the street next to a little cafe so we sat at one of the deserted outdoor tables and waited in the dark misty early evening until 6:30. Then I tried the ZipCar card again. Nope. Maybe the clock wasn’t synced with the same clock our cell phones were using? We waited a couple more minutes and tried again. Nope. I called the number on the Zipcar card. A really nice lady answered and the phone and said that the computer didn’t show me as having a reservation. Had I clicked ‘yes’ on the ‘confirm reservation’ screen? Hmm… Mike made the reservation. After a quick check we discovered Mike had not clicked ‘yes’ on the ‘confirm reservation’ screen. Mike and I decided between my being too early and him not clicking ‘yes’, we were even. 🙂 The lady made the reservation for us over the phone and then we were able to get in the Zipcar, hopped on I-5 S and were zipping towards South Seattle. It wasn’t difficult to find the guy’s house, and we talked to him a little bit. He seemed really nice and the desk was everything Mike had hoped for and was even already disassembled. We paid, got back in the Honda Element with the desk pieces in the back and then drove back up to Seattle. And now Mike has a music desk all ready for when he gets his new apartment on Saturday. Yea!

The weather is warmer here these days… mid 40’s and no snow but a little rain sometimes. It’s actually been warm enough to have the window open most days, and Piper just loves sitting at the cracked open window staring out and seeing people walking below. She’s been a mischievous cat the past couple of nights and has been batting at the flaps of the moving boxes during the night. Why can’t she do that during the day? Who knows! 🙂


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