Holidays in Seattle

This week has just flown by… it’s so hard to believe it’s already Thursday night and that it’s already December!

I’m getting the hang of my job, so now I’m becoming a lot busier… which I love! The days just fly by! It seems like every time I look up two hours has gone by! So tonight is the last work night of the week, and this is an exciting weekend because Mike gets the keys to his new apartment! 🙂

As it gets closer to Christmas, more and more Christmas lights seem to be springing up everywhere! When Mike and I walk downtown it seems as though there’s lights on buildings and trees on every single street… and of course when you get near the mall the number of lights just increases exponentially! Even the Space Needle has Christmas lights on top of it in the shape of a Christmas tree, so that it looks like there’s a tree on top of it even though of course there’s not. There’s also a big Christmas tree at the entry way of our apartment building, so that’s a really festive thing to see when I come home from work and walk in the building too. 🙂 And there’s Christmas music playing everywhere downtown… lots of street musicians playing guitars, violins, drums… all kinds of instruments. Sometimes there are even singers. Tonight Mike and I walked to the mall and there were people everywhere even though it’s just a Thursday night (I can’t imagine what it will be like tomorrow!). On the way we saw a group of Christmas carolers outside of Whole Foods… they sounded so good as they sang Hark the Harold Angels sing! 🙂 Also right next to Whole Foods was a big truck from the Humane Society. One whole side of the truck was made of windows, and there were pet kennels inside each of which had a cat in it and they were looking for people to adopt the cats. There was of course a crowd of people gathered around looking inside at the cats… they were just unbelievably precious! There was a little calico kitten that couldn’t have been more than 3 months old, and she was just adorable! I was so tempted, but I know that Piper really needs to be an only cat.

The weather here has been sunny and beautiful and in the high 40’s with no wind… pretty perfect for this time of year! Surprisingly we haven’t had very much rain at all so walking to the mall or wherever in the evenings has been fun.

We just got our new Washington driver’s licenses in the mail, so that was weird but cool! I’ve had a Michigan driver’s license for such a long time… it’s crazy to have a driver’s license that looks different and says “Washington” on it! So now I’m really starting to feel more like a native! 🙂

Apart from going to the mall tonight Mike and I had a pretty quiet evening. We’re both tired and for whatever reason I haven’t been sleeping soundly the past few nights so I think I’m just overtired, and Mike seems tired too. It’s been a busy but good week. I’m excited to get to the weekend when Mike gets his apartment and we can finally start unpacking things and spreading out! I don’t even have room for my yoga mat so I haven’t done yoga in two weeks… but this weekend I’ll make up for it and get a bunch of yoga in! 🙂


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