I am so excited because I am finally uploading PICTURES! I think. I signed up for a Flickr account and I’m uploading the pictures, so hopefully I’ll be able to add a link to the Flickr page before I’m done writing this post (unless I decide to comment the pictures… that would take me awhile). 🙂 Now that I’m actually uploading the pictures I’m slightly disappointed because we’ve seen so many cool things we don’t have pictures of. So I think we’re just going to have to be much more proactive about taking our camera with us wherever we go! 🙂

The past couple of days have just been exhausting for both Mike and me. Mike had to get up early Friday morning to do one day’s worth of work for Gentex out at a port in the Auburn area so he had to get up early and go rent a car. Unfortunately, he didn’t sleep well at all Thursday night, so Friday morning when he got up he’d only gotten about three hours of sleep and had to drive to Auburn and everything. I hadn’t slept very well either… it was a busy week at work so I’d been working an hour late most days. So we were both tired on Friday, and then I got out of work at 6pm and Mike called me and said he was stuck in a traffic jam coming back and still had to find a gas station to fill up the rental car so he didn’t actually get home around 7pm. When he got home, he was starving and I’d already eaten dinner so we stopped at a pizza place on the corner and he had a quick couple pieces of pizza before we drove the rental car back and then walked home. Mike kept saying he wasn’t very tired, but when we got back from returning the rental car he lay on the bed and fell asleep almost instantly even though it was only 8pm. I was exhausted too, so by 9pm I was done reading my Ireland book and went to bed too.

The problem with going to bed early, though, is that you inevitably wake up too early. 🙂 I woke up at 2:45am thirsty and got up to get a drink. Piper started meowing like crazy and I didn’t know what was wrong, but then I noticed that she was all out of dry food which is her nighttime munchy food. I got out a can of cat food to give her a little of that, and she went even more crazy with meowing. That of course woke Mike up who was now fully awake since he’d already had about 7 hours of sleep. Mike made coffee (at 3:30am!!!) and hopped on the computer and proceeded to read me news headlines on yahoo. I would love to repeat the headlines, but I was still tired and don’t remember any of them. 🙂 I went back to sleep at 4am, and then my alarm went off at 6:45am so that I could go running. Mike was still awake, so we ran a couple miles together. Then Mike was really hungry and went to a cafe for a quick breakfast, and I ran another 10 miles (Saturday is my “long run” day). It was a beautiful, peaceful long run, and it was a beautiful sunshiney day, so there were lots of other people out running and jogging as well. I’ve now discovered how to connect the Seattle running trail with the Fremont running trail, so I’m able to broaden my running area a lot more.

Mike took a nap with Piper since he was over-tired and I spent the morning on the computer and reading my Irish book. And drinking a new kind of tea I discovered called Cucumber White out of the Owl mug Tamara gave me the day before I left Grand Rapids. 🙂

Tazo Tea and an Owl Mug

Definitely a perfect Saturday morning! 🙂


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