A Morning Post… for Once!

Usually I’m more of an evening/night-time blog poster, but I have some time before work this morning and I was thinking about family and friends, so I decided to post.

It’s been a busy weekend. Mike got the keys to his new apartment on Saturday, so we moved everything up to his apartment from the two storage areas we were renting in the apartment complex. I thought it was going to be bad and take forever, but the apartments have a cart that you can borrow and that held a lot of stuff and helped a lot. Now the only thing left to move up to Mike’s apartment is the couch, and the movers are coming to move that up for him today. So that’s all going well. We’re still shuffling stuff between his apartment and mine, but we’ve made good progress on that. I have all my clothes in the closet now, and am able to access them for the first time in 6 weeks so that’s exciting! 🙂

After all of our work unloading this weekend we just relaxed last night and went to the Pacific Place mall. We had dinner at Il Fornaio, the Italian place that we really like. We’ve discovered that eating there isn’t too pricey, and the food is so good! We also wandered around the mall for awhile. A lot of people were there Christmas shopping, and the mall was just beautiful with all of the Christmas lights and everything. On the first floor, they had a group of carolers singing and that was just awesome! They also had lots of holiday decorations and a new Harry & David kiosk set up where you can buy boxes of chocolates. It was a beautiful night outside too, as we walked home. The last five days have been gorgeous and sunny and in the mid forties. It’s supposed to start raining tomorrow, but temps are supposed to rise to the high forties so we’re trading higher temperatures for rain. 🙂

Mike’s been working on getting his apartment set up and everything unpacked. He’s making good progress. His first priority has been to get his electronic music stuff set up. The kitchen, bathroom and living area are more of a secondary consideration. 🙂

All right, time to go finish getting ready for work. God’s blessings today to all who are reading!


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