Rainy Days

Yes, the rain that we were promised in Seattle has finally arrived. It’s been rainy the past three days and is supposed to be rainy for two more days. Honestly, though, I don’t mind. It’s been about 50 degrees and it’s supposed to continue to be about 50 degrees so I’m totally willing to have rain in exchange for warmer temperatures!

This week has been pretty uneventful… I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! It has been a really busy week at work, and that has made time just fly by. Also, Mike had a headache on Monday and wasn’t feeling up to doing anything Monday night so that got our week off to a slow start.

Most of Mike’s time these days is centered on resumes and getting his apartment in better order. It’s starting to look good as he’s getting more and more things unpacked!

The weather here is so moderate that I’ve had my window open constantly for probably the last week. Somehow the rain doesn’t come inside (maybe because the big office building across from me keeps out any rain coming sideways). It is so relaxing to go to sleep with the window open and hear the relaxing patter of rain on the window and the faint sounds of traffic flying by on I-5. It’s nice now too… sitting almost in the dark with just a few small lights on and listening to the wind and the rain. It’s very therapeutic.

I got to talk to my dad yesterday morning, which was really nice. Because he goes to bed early and there’s a three hour time difference I don’t get to talk to him as often. I also got to talk to my Grandma Tuesday morning… that was great too. It’s always good to stay in touch!

My two evening tasks this week have been helping Mike move any furniture he needs moved in his apartment and working on Christmas cards. Every year it’s a struggle to get my Christmas cards finished and I end up spending 12 hours on a Sunday and doing them all at once at the last minute. This year, though, I’m doing it much more gradually. I got the cards a couple weeks ago, then I started assembling the list of people to send to, and then I’ve just been writing notes in 2 or 3 cards a night for the past couple nights. I have 7 cards done, and so that’s about a quarter of all my cards. This is a much more relaxed pace for making out Christmas cards! πŸ™‚ And it means that I have more time to think about what I want to write in each card. I think this holiday season is less hectic than usual because I’m not running around trying to do a bunch of shopping. Mike and I are doing minimal shopping this year for financial reasons and because any presents we buy we have to ship to Michigan.

I’ve thought about trying to do some Christmas cooky baking because it’s such a festive thing to do. I might make some oatmeal M&M cookies with Christmas M&Ms because those are really Mike’s favorite cookies that I make by far. We’ll see how organized the kitchen gets in the next week. πŸ™‚

Last night after I finished my daily quota of Christmas cards I read some more of Princes of Ireland. It’s a really interesting book and is giving me a lot of insight into Irish history. I’m only about halfway through the book though because it’s about 800 pages!

Mike hasn’t been reading as much these days. For a few weeks I thought he was going to become a fiction reader but he hasn’t been reading any fiction recently so that might have been a short-lived hobby.

Time to finish getting ready for work… as relaxing as it is to sit here listening to the rain I can’t do this all day. πŸ™‚


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