New Running Shoes

I have started to write a blog entry multiple times this weekend, and something always came up just as I was getting into it.

My right hamstring had been starting to bother me a little during my long runs and my shoes are getting old, so I decided to actually get the shoes that my physical therapist recommended back when I had the IT band knee problem this summer. They’re expensive and they weren’t stocked in any running stores in west Michigan so I would have had to order them without even getting the chance to try them on. So I kept putting off getting them. However, they have a Road Runner Sports (one of the largest running stores in the country) in the Northgate area of Seattle, so after work yesterday Mike and I had a quick dinner and then headed to the bus stop for the Route 131 bus that would take us to Northgate. As we got on the bus, the bus driver asked the bus inhabitants if anyone knew how to get to Immanuel Lutheran Church because an older couple on the bus wanted to get there. Immanuel Lutheran Church is the name of Mike’s home church back in Michigan so the name made me think of that. But then I came back to the present and realized they were looking for the Seattle one… not the west Michigan one. I knew where the Seattle one was too and where the older couple needed to get off and how to get there from the bus stop so I went up and told them how to get there. They were very sweet and thankful and I went back to my seat with a warm feeling of having helped them… and also some strange realization that Seattle is really getting to be my home now. I’m able to give people directions instead of being the one to ask for directions. A very strange feeling!

We arrived in Northgate twenty minutes later and got off the bus. Northgate seems to be a small, cool town. Lots of small restaurants and little shops. Not as artsy as the Fremont area, but still a nice-looking town. We went up and down a few streets before we found the Road Runner Sports. We went in and I made a beeline for the women’s running shoes. The man who worked there was knowledgeable and helpful and even let me try out the new shoes on one of their treadmills to see if I liked them. Oh my gosh!!! They were so amazing… I just loved them! My running felt so much more ergonomic and effortless! So, for any forefoot-runners (or forefoot-runner wanna-be’s!), I highly recommend Newton running shoes!

We walked around the town a little more and then caught a bus back to our South Lake Union area.

I went for a run the next morning (Saturday), and those shoes were AMAZING! I ran 13.1 miles (half marathon distance for any non-runners out there) and my knees and hamstrings felt great! I’ve been starving ever since then and eating a bunch of food which typically happens whenever I do the really long runs. 🙂


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