A Samoyed…

For those who don’t know what a Samoyed is…. hang in there. I have to talk about other things first if I want to chronicle my day in order. 🙂

Saturday night Mike and I went over to the house of the daughter of a friend of mine from Herman Miller. She and her husband are Mike and my age and just moved to Seattle eight months ago with their two year old son Eli. We had a wonderful night visiting with them. We took the bus out to their house which is in the Tukwila area of Seattle. It was a nice neighborhood, and the house they were renting was just beautiful. It was so nice to meet some fellow Seattlites! Between them and Katie and Andy we’re starting to feel like we have at least a few connections in Seattle. We didn’t leave their house till 11pm, and they dropped us off at the train station. We took that back downtown, got off at Westlake station, and walked home. It was midnight before we got back to the apartments… and I was wide awake so it was 2am before I actually fell asleep, despite having done a long run that morning. Consequently, I was exhausted the next morning and didn’t wake up till 10am. That is SO late for me… I can’t remember the last time I woke up that late!

Saturday was a relaxing Christmas card day… those are almost ready to go out now by the way so that’s exciting. I’ve never been this early with them before… usually I’m scrambling to get them sent out on Christmas eve. 😉

Last night Mike and I walked around downtown. It’s colder here now… 43 degrees instead of 55. It wasn’t raining though, so it didn’t feel too bad. Mike and I stopped by the Hallmark store and got one more Homegrown figurine ornament for our mini tree. The motor in the fiber optic part of the tree was making a bunch of noise and Mike found a way to muffle it so now we’re able to have it on more frequently. 🙂

As we entered our apartment building, Mike and I saw a middle-aged woman in the lobby near the Christmas tree that had a GIANT white dog on a leash. The dog was incredibly fluffy and pretty much had fluff sticking out everywhere a dog could have fluff. 🙂 I would know that face and build anywhere… it was a Samoyed! BUT it was the biggest Samoyed I had ever seen… it was almost St. Bernard sized. Of course I had to stop and talk with the owner and pet the dog (whose name turned out to Cooper). She told me he was a Samoyed, but he was a huge Samoyed and weighed about a hundred lbs. He was a giant ball of friendly fluffiness and I loved him. She said she lived in our building and that we’d probably run into each other often, and I said I would love to take Cooper for walks sometimes. She laughed and said, “Be careful what you wish for! We would love to have another person to walk him.” So anyway, hopefully once in awhile Mike and I will be able to take giant, bear-sized Cooper for a walk and I’ll get to live vicariously through the middle-aged couple who owns him!

For those interested in Samoyeds, here’s more info: 🙂

Then Mike and I went upstairs and found Piper on the bed playing with a piece of packing paper.

Then Mike and I went to the workout room and spent some time on the ellipticals and went out to a pizza place afterward and were up late. Consequently, this morning I’m tired. But I’m drinking coffee, and I’ll plan on an early night tonight. 🙂


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