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The site hosting my old blog has been having issues for about a week now, and I was thinking of starting a new blog on wordpress anyway so this seemed like a perfect opportunity!  Hopefully at some point I’ll get all my old posts moved over from the other blog, but that will have to wait until I get a little time.  🙂

This has been just a whirlwind weekend.  I flew into Grand Rapids for a short visit home (since I didn’t make it home over Christmas), and it’s been very busy!  I left at 11:15pm Seattle time and arrived in Grand Rapids at 9:30am Michigan time.  I was very, very tired.  I wasn’t really able to sleep on the plane, so that didn’t help.  However, I got a Starbucks Americano at the Grand Rapids airport, and that seemed to help me wake up amazingly well.  So well, in fact, that less than an hour after I had arrived at my parent’s house, my mom and I headed downtown to see the Princess Diana exhibit on display at the G.R. Art Museum.  It was interesting to see photos and memorabilia both from her time as the princess and from her growing up years.  It was also just fun to hang out with my mom, because I haven’t been able to do that in a long time!  Afterwards, when we came back home we all sat and talked together, and then I went out to eat with Dave, Tamara, and another friend that evening.  What a treat to see everyone again!  I had thought it would be strange coming back to Michigan, but it really wasn’t.  The only strange part is feeling like a visitor instead of like a native.

On Saturday morning when I woke up and looked out the window, there were snow flakes falling thick and fast.  Saturday was my day with Tom… we ran some errands together and then went to a service at Resurrection Life Church in the evening.  It was a great service and a fun time hanging out with Tom!

Sunday was my last day in Michigan, and I was getting pretty tired from not getting enough sleep.  I spent most of the day hanging out with my parents and getting a webcam set up for them so that we can talk over Skype sometimes and actually see each other.  Hopefully that works well!  We’ll have to see.

Getting off the plane in Seattle was awesome… the weather was just beautiful… 50 degrees and overcast.  After the cold weather in Michigan, 50 degrees definitely felt like a heatwave!  Mike met me at the airport and we took the train back together.

Piper seems to have missed me… she definitely seemed glad to see me anyway.  It’s good to have her sleeping next to me at night again.  🙂

Mike and I went up to the Capitol Hill district Tuesday night and shopped for some clearance clothes.  We found a few great deals and had a great time wandering around.  The temperatures were mild, and it wasn’t raining.  There were lots of people who were also out, and it felt nice to be part of the “city” life again.

Apart from that, we’ve just been getting grocery shopping done and other chores, so not much new and exciting on that front.  🙂

I’ll see about getting my old blog posts moved up to this new site… maybe this weekend.  It’s almost Friday!  🙂


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