Middle of the Week

Given how hard the midwest, northeast, and south are getting hit weather-wise, I feel almost guilty saying that here in Seattle the weather has been really good.  It’s been in the low 40’s so it’s been a little colder than normal, but it’s been bright and sunny without any rain.

Last night Mike and I walked downtown because there was a meeting for a Logic Studio user’s group (Logic Studio is a software tool Mike uses for developing electronic music).  I walked around downtown and did some grocery shopping while Mike went to his meeting.  It seemed like Mike really liked it… he got to meet some people who are interested in the same kind of electronic music as he is.  There’s a monthly Logic Studio user’s group meeting, so he’ll be going to that each month.  It’s nice for him to get more plugged into Seattle.

The west coast is very different from the mid-west… I’m discovering differences every day!  If you take an electricity bill and a water/sewer bill from the midwest and put them in each other’s envelopes, that’s basically what my bills look like.  Whatever the midwest pays in electricity, we pay in water/sewer (yes, water is EXPENSIVE out here… they have to pipe it in from somewhere else because the water here is salt water.  We don’t have any Lake Michigan!).  However, the flip side of that is that our electricity is really cheap… about the same price as water/sewer is in the midwest.  If there was a way to combine the cheap water in the midwest with the cheap power on the west coast, there would be some kind of  “cheap utilities” mecca.

Piper wasn’t feeling well Monday night… she was very lethargic and didn’t want her dinner.  Today she seems to be feeling much better and she gobbled down her cat food.  I’ve discovered a kind she really likes that’s put out by Trader Joes (a nationwide grocery store chain).  The food smells vile and fishy, but she just loves it.  🙂


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