Going out tonight!

This week has been really busy at work, so I haven’t had much time to do things after work.  Last night Mike and I watched another episode of the Mad Men show we’ve been following… I think we’ll finish season 2 this weekend.

Mike has given up coffee for those who haven’t heard… he hasn’t had any coffee for two weeks.  His sleep schedule is a little messed up from it, but the interesting thing is that he hasn’t been getting any of the headaches that he’d been getting about once a week before.  The first week with no coffee was pretty miserable for him, but this last week he’s felt great.  I gave up coffee too, to keep him company (and because it would just be cruel to drink it when he couldn’t), so we’ve both been coffee-free for the last two weeks.  It’s strange that we’re giving up coffee in Seattle, of all places, where the coffee is fantastic, but if Mike can avoid getting headaches it’s definitely worth it to him.

Mike has also been working really extensively with his synthesizer software and has been learning a lot about that and really enjoying it.  Hopefully he starts getting plugged into the music scene a little here, because it is a great music scene.

The weather here has been just beautiful… very sunny, although only about 40 degrees.  It’s supposed to warm up today, but we will get some rain tonight.   I can’t believe how hard the midwest and northeast are getting hit with winter storms!  It makes me very grateful for the weather here.

My dad sent me a National Geographic article on Cheetahs that I received yesterday.  It’s really interesting and has just the most adorable pictures of baby cheetahs… they’re just little fluff balls.  It’s kind of uncanny how similar cheetah expressions and mannerisms are to Piper’s even though Piper is just a little house cat.

Tonight Mike and I are going out on the town to relax and have a fun time together!  We did that last Friday and it was a lot of fun, so we’re doing a repeat tonight.  Relaxing after a week at work is always a great way to start the weekend.  🙂


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