The weekend’s already over?

This weekend just flew by!

Mike has been waking up uncharacteristically (wow… was that ever a long word!) early, and he called me early Saturday morning ready to start the day.  I was planning to go for a long run Saturday morning, but since Mike was up, I went to his apartment and we had breakfast followed by him showing me some of the electronic synth music things he’s been studying.  It’s pretty interesting and very complicated; I think Mike is definitely drawn to complex, difficult to understand concepts.  🙂

Then Mike and I rented a Zipcar and drove an hour south to Cabella’s.  It was a beautiful drive… slightly misty but not actually raining.  We didn’t see Mt. Rainier, which is crazy because on clear days it’s so huge you can’t help but notice it… it takes up half of your field of vision.  The overcast skies make all the difference between seeing the mountain and not seeing it.  We listened to my IPod on the way so it was a relaxing trip.  The Zipcar we rented was a hybrid Nissan Altima.  I thought it would be reminiscent of Mike’s old Altima in Michigan, but it wasn’t at all like Mike’s old car.  It was very stream-lined looking… not at all like the stereotypically boxy hybrids.  However, driving in a car in which the engine periodically turns off is honestly disconcerting.  I know there’s tons of batteries beneath the hood keeping the car running in the engine’s absence… but still!  Even though it was a hybrid, our gas mileage average for the whole trip was around 32mpg.  As Mike put it, you don’t need a bunch of batteries to get 32mpg.  I realize that we were on the freeway for much of the trip, but still.  32mpg is about the mileage Birch got, and Birch is 12 years old and has 200,000+ miles on her.

It was ridiculously busy in there… I couldn’t believe it!  Apparently Cabella’s is a big “destination” spot for a lot of people.  People were milling everywhere looking at fishing poles, outdoor cooking supplies, hiking clothes, and everything else outdoors-related.  Even the parking lot was a madhouse… I had never seen an outdoors store parking lot as crowded as a mall’s parking lot before, but there’s a first time for everything!  We also went on a shopping trip to pick up things that we hate carrying back from the grocery store either because they’re too heavy (like cat litter and laundry detergent) or because they’re too bulky (like paper towels).

Dropping the car off in Seattle, we realized that all the streets we walk around on downtown are one-way streets.  It doesn’t matter at all when you’re on foot but definitely matters when you’re driving.  We had to drive several extra blocks out of our way to get on streets that were headed the direction we wanted to go.

I went for an 11 mile run this morning; nine miles by myself and then the last two with Mike.  It wasn’t raining but the air was misty.  It was actually perfect because I didn’t get too hot or too thirsty… the water in the air kept me hydrated and cooled.  Mike still managed to get pretty overheated during the run though; I think this normal body temperature must be 10 degrees warmer than everyone else’s, and mine must be 10 degrees colder than everyone else’s.

We thought about going somewhere to watch the Super Bowl, but ultimately Mike was tired (all these early mornings with no coffee!), and I’m not very interested in football so we skipped it and watched Mad Men instead, pausing now and then to check the score online.  I wasn’t sure who I was rooting for (The Steelers and the Packers are my brother’s two favorite football teams, and I usually just follow his lead.  Although I have been known to root for teams just based on cool-looking uniforms.  Minnesota Vikings, anyone?).  The nice thing about having no strong leanings is that you’re not disappointed at the end of the game.

Piper has been curled up asleep on her kitty condo most of the day.  It’s definitely a cat’s life.  🙂


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