Pizza and slow cookers

The week is already halfway over… which is good because Mike and I are looking forward to Cathy, Todd, and Mabel coming out to visit this weekend!  🙂  It will be so good to see them, and it will be the first time Mike’s had family visit out here.  They’re flying in on Friday, so we’re excited.

Yesterday morning Mike was up bright and early so we went downstairs to get a (decaf!) coffee from the coffee shop around the corner.  We drank it together before I left for work, and it was really relaxing.  Then yesterday after work I went out to a new pizza place with some other women from my department at work.  It was a very fun time and we’ll probably be doing it more often.  The pizza place itself was very cool… there was a first floor that contained a bakery and then a second story loft where the eating area was.  The loft had long, low wooden ceilings, long rustic wooden benches, and low candle lighting.  Very fun and cozy!  Mike and I will have to go there soon so he can check it out!  Their pizzas are very good, but very unlike anything you’re used to.  🙂  I got the potato, rosemary, and olive oil one (no cheese), and some of the other pizzas contained things like truffle oil, clams, and various kinds of cheeses I’ve never heard of and couldn’t pronounce even if I had heard of them.  They were very good though!

Have I mentioned before that I love slow cookers?  🙂  I bought a slow cooker Taste of Home cookbook last weekend, so on Monday morning I threw ingredients in for a beef stew before I went to work so Mike could have dinner ready at 6pm.  It worked out perfectly and Mike said it was really good.  And it was SO easy!  I am completely a fan!

So, in case you thought from the title of my post that I was actually cooking pizza in a slow cooker, you’re probably disappointed.  But you never know… maybe that will be the next recipe I try… I’m sure pizza’s been made in a slow cooker before!  😉


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