East Coast Roots?

So apparently as far as Seattlites are concerned I’m from the east coast.  I’ve told everyone I’m from Michigan multiple times, but it just doesn’t register with the west coast mentality.  As a co-worker told me (only halfway joking), “Anything east of the Rockies is the east coast as far as I’m concerned”.

Last week a coworker was talking with me and another employee and got on the subject of big cities.  “Where are you from?” he asked.  I told him I was from Michigan.  “Oh that’s right,” he said.  “What’s the big city in Michigan?  Chicago?”

Um, no.  That’s actually in Illinois.

“Ann Arbor?” he said.

Yes, but our big one is Detroit.  “Oh yeah… ” he said.  “GM and everything.”


I took yesterday afternoon off so that I could get my apartment cleaned up in preparation for having Cathy, Todd, and Mabel over.  Mike also worked on cleaning his apartment and then we walked to Whole Foods to take a break and get the dust out of our lungs.  We were both really tired last night and ended up watching an episode of Mad Men and then going to bed.  Mike did talk to Cathy in the evening and learned that they landed safely yesterday afternoon.  Yea!

Cathy said she would call this morning when they’re ready to come and see us, so I got up early to get my long run in before she called.  I ran up and around the Capitol Hill area and then down through the Eastlake area, looking for spots that Cathy and Todd might find interesting.  I stopped back at my apartment to get water and energy gel after 10 miles.  It definitely is not the fastest 10 miles I’ve ever run.  Running up to Capitol Hill basically meant that the entire first mile of my run was steeply uphill and that’s a tough way to start a long run.  It all worked out though because I got a lot of good hill work in!  After stopping at my apartment I ran another two miles on the treadmill for a grand total of 12 miles.  Another mile and it would have been half marathon distance… oh well, maybe next week.  🙂

Incidentally, this is Mike’s (and my) third week with no coffee.  Well, with very little coffee and all of it de-caffeinated.  So far, so good!  🙂


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