It was so wonderful to see Cathy, Todd, and Mabel!  It feels like it’s been such a long time!  Mike got to see them over Christmas, but I hadn’t seen them since October.  Wow… does time ever fly!  Mabel is growing so fast it’s hard to believe it… it’s exciting to see her learn more and more!  It was also a lot of fun getting acquainted with little Max, Todd’s brother and his wife’s new baby!  (The weird part is that Mike and I totally remember when Mabel was his age!).

Cathy, Todd, Mabel, Katie, Andy, and Max all drove down to Seattle on Saturday and the plan was to walk around outside and have fun shopping and wandering.

We started out by having lunch at a new burger place around the corner from Mike and my apartments.  The burgers weren’t abnormally large or anything, but somehow they filled all of us up so successfully that we weren’t very hungry until late that night.  Bizarre!  Then we were ready for shopping!

Unfortunately, the absolutely beautiful, perfect, sunny weather that we’d been having for the two weeks prior left while we were in the restaurant.  It got cold.  And windy.  And rainy.  And I don’t mean little misty bits of rain (which is actually a lot more usual for us).  I mean a full-blown rain storm.  We tried valiantly to brave the wind and the rain and we drove to the Capitol Hill shopping district, but it was really no use.  We went in and out of a couple of stores, but everything was cold and wet, it was hard to find parking spots because for some reason it was very crowded downtown that day, and Mabel really needed a nap.

So, we ended up going back to Katie and Andy’s house in Everett to hang out.  That was a lot of fun!  Just relaxing, drying out, and catching up.  Mike and I stayed there overnight, and we all went out to breakfast with Katie’s parents in the morning.  They were so nice!  Then Cathy and Katie drove us back to Seattle and dropped us off on their way to go shopping downtown.

The rest of Sunday was restful, but somewhat anticlimatic after all the running around and visiting we’d done that weekend.  I went to the store that evening even though it was still raining.  Somehow it was relaxing walking in the rain.  When I got home I opened my apartment window and listened to the big water drops falling against the window.  A perfect relaxing night curled up with a little black kitten!


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