Valentine’s Day Fish & Broccoli

Mike and I rarely celebrate Valentine’s Day much, but this year we decided to go out to dinner at a nice seafood restaurant a couple blocks from our apartments.  It’s one of those restaurants that we pass frequently and always say, “We should go there”… and then we never do.

So we decided spur of the moment Monday morning that we’d go Monday night.  Mike made a reservation for 8:45pm because they were already all booked up for earlier in the evening.  Apparently we weren’t the only couple to want to go there for Valentine’s Day!

During the day, Mike texted me asking me to let him know when I left work.  I called him, and it turned out he was making pureed broccoli soup and roasted tomatos as an “appetizer” for us since our dinner wasn’t until later.  What a wonderful surprise!  I love his broccoli soup!  🙂  When I got to his apartment he was starting the cooking and had relaxing jazz music playing, and we finished making the food together.  Mike is quite a chef in the kitchen!  He had also bought me red roses AND a yoga outfit from Lululemon!  Definitely a score for him!  I felt terrible because we had talked about keeping Valentine’s Day simple so I hadn’t gotten him anything.  Bummer!  I’ll remember for next year that he can’t be trusted to “keep things simple”!

Then it was getting to be time for our dinner reservation so we dressed up and headed out.  It was a little rainy, but not bad, and Mike had brought an umbrella.  We walked the few blocks to the restaurant… it is SUCH a beautiful restaurant!  Lime green hourglass-shaped bar stools, dark red booths, dark wooden tables, clean white tablecloths, and dim lighting with a single candle at each table.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Our waiter was an older man who was absolutely amazing!  After looking over the somewhat exotic menu which included fish I’ve never even heard of (what is a ‘river chinook’ anyway?), I decided to go with the grilled blue marlin with mushroom risotto and a glass of chianti, and Mike went with the swordfish braised in some kind of apple cabbage slaw with fingerling potatos and a glass of pinot noir.

Our food was exceptional!  Mike took one bite of his swordfish and said it was the best fish he’d ever eaten.  That is really something coming from Mike!  The blue marlin was equally great… it was lightly seasoned with some kind of delicate spices and tasted delicious.  We relaxed and took our time enjoying our meal.  Definitely a fun Valentine’s Day!  Unfortunately because our dinner reservation was so late I didn’t end up going to bed until midnight, and I’ve been tired all week because of it.  Getting a good night’s sleep on Monday is definitely important!

Today’s my last day of work for the week, though, so I’ll catch up on sleep this weekend.

I need to spend some time hanging out with Piper this weekend too… Mike and I have been spending time at his apartment most evenings this week, and I think Piper is feeling neglected.

Too bad Cathy, Todd, and Mabel aren’t here to visit with this weekend like they were last weekend!


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