Rainy Day Runner?

Even though I named this blog “Rainy Day Runner” with the idea that I’d be running in the rain pretty consistently, so far that hasn’t necessarily proved to be the case.  It was sunny for my run last Saturday (even though it did start raining later in the day when Cathy and Todd drove in!), and it was sunny for my run this morning.  I would like to complain about the temperature (it was in the mid-thirties), but I feel like as hard as the east coast, midwest, and south regions of the country have been hit this winter, I just don’t deserve to complain.  So I won’t.  🙂  But I will briefly make it known that the wind was ridiculously strong today and it was cold enough so that it was definitely motivating to move just to stay reasonably warm!  🙂

There’s not a cloud in the sky today, and the sky is bright blue.  After returning from my run (10.5 miles for those who are keeping track of my distances) I took a shower and then Mike called.  I came down to his apartment and we had oatmeal for breakfast.  And I also had an energy bar since I was still tired from my run.  We decided that, even though it’s cold, we’ll take advantage of the beautiful sunny day to wander around downtown for awhile.  There are a few items of clothing we’re looking for, but mostly we’ll just be enjoying the day.  We’ll be getting coffee to stay warm as we wander around, but I suspect that it will be decaf coffee since Mike has tenaciously hung on to his “no coffee” policy.  He hasn’t had any really bad headaches since he gave up coffee, and he said that’s too nice to give up.  I think he’s afraid that if he relapses and has a single cup of regular strength coffee he’s going to relapse and get a terrible, sick headache.  I’ve been sticking to decaf coffee, but since I really crave coffee’s warmth more than its caffeine, I don’t feel deprived.

This last week at work was very tiring… mostly because it was a busy week combined with a couple of late nights (most notably our Monday night Valentine’s dinner).  There were a few high points, however.  Two of my co-workers, Dan and Kim, and I had to go to a store in the University District to get some things for work, so Dan offered to drive since neither Kim nor I have cars.  As it turns out, Dan has a BMW M3 convertible.  (Google it if you don’t know what it is… I guarantee it’s worth looking at!).  It’s an older model but it’s in perfect condition AND it has the premium M3 sound system from the factory!  For those who don’t have a boyfriend intensely involved in all things sound and music-related, that basically means that it’s got a big subwoofer speaker in the trunk and a great sound system inside the car.  Kim is short and insisted on sitting in the back, so I was up front with Dan.  What a blast!  Dan’s a reasonably aggressive driver, and of course being an M3, the car handled like a dream as far as braking, cornering, and acceleration.  We had an amazing drive up to the University District with Dan taking some steep hills and sharp turns to show off the car’s abilities.  Amazing!  Mike should definitely get one!  😉  Then we all stopped at a little vegetarian cafe where I got lentil basil soup… very good!

Also, Mike and I finished watching season 3 of Mad Men last night, and we’ve already seen season 4, so now we’re poised and ready to watch season 6 when it comes out this summer!  I don’t know what we’ll watch in the meantime… maybe re-watch some of season 4 to remind us what was going on.  🙂


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