Another slow cooker success!

Traditionally I buy cookbooks and only make one or two recipes out of them a year… The Taste of Home Slow Cooker, however, is vastly different.  I have only had it about a month and a half, and I’ve already made five recipes from it!  Slow cookers really are amazing!  I decided this morning that I had time to run to Whole Foods and get milk before work.  I thought since I was at Whole Foods anyway, I should get some food to make a slow cooker meal.  I picked out a good looking one… Lemon Chicken with Veggies.  I got all the ingredients at Whole Foods and got back home.  I had been planning on waiting till tomorrow to make up the meal, but I still had a little time before work so I decided I might as well throw it together!  When I got home from work, my apartment smelled great and Mike had a hot meal ready.  How awesome is that?  I really feel like I should sell slow cookers… I am definitely a fan!  Mike really liked this meal too, so it’s a keeper!

Supposedly we’ve been getting snow in Seattle all day and will be continuing to get it throughout the night.  I say ‘supposedly’ because we’ve barely gotten any snow at all, and we certainly don’t have any accumulation.  Maybe tomorrow morning when I wake up I’ll be proven wrong, but right now there’s no precipitation going on, even though says there’s a 90% chance of snow.  I think they’re getting snow in western Washington in general, but Seattle seems to be getting spared!

So I’ve discovered an energy secret.  Mike suggested that I take some protein powder since I rarely get much protein.  I bought a canister of 100% whey protein (since I don’t believe in the effectiveness of soy protein), and I’ve been having a scoop of it each day in beverages or cereal.  It’s definitely been helping my energy levels a lot!  (Either that or it’s all in my head and it’s the placebo effect… which honestly is pretty possible).  Regardless, though, I’ve had more energy this week, so that’s been great.  Mike, on the other hand, has been tired… so maybe he needs some of that protein powder!  🙂  Hopefully the chicken for dinner gave him a good enough protein boost!

Oops… I spoke too soon about the snow.  I just glanced outside again, and now fluffy white flakes are falling.  They’re those big flakes that have a lot of moisture in them and they look like they’ll turn to rain if it warms up just a few degrees.  Snow in Seattle!  Only the third time this winter… it’s crazy!

I’m going to be running with a Lululemon running club on Monday nights now… that will be a great way for me to get to know some other women!  And Mike’s next electronic music user’s group is this coming Tuesday, so at least we’re getting a little bit more connected in Seattle.  Every little bit helps!

Piper’s curled up in my lap right now, and her head is up against my right wrist making it difficult to type.  She’s such a sweetheart that I can’t bear to kick her off though… especially since she hasn’t been feeling well the past day or two and has had a couple of accidents.  (What a relief that I have wood floors!).  I originally had no idea why she wasn’t feeling well, but tonight I saw her licking the leaves on the roses that Mike got me for Valentine’s Day.  I have the feeling there are probably crazy pesticides on those things, so maybe that’s what making her sick.  Regardless I put them in a spot she can’t get at, so now hopefully she’ll feel better (and I won’t have to clean up any more nasty accidents!).  🙂


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