A Snowy Day at the Mall

Yesterday was a very full day!

It was very cold (low thirties) yesterday morning and very windy.  However,  I bravely ventured out for a run anyway.  I ended up running 10 miles, but it was painful.  My cheeks were so windburned by the time I was finished and there were periods of running uphill into the wind that were pretty awful.  I ended up running my additional three miles indoor on the treadmill, and it felt SO EASY by comparison.  🙂

As a spur of the moment thing, Mike and I decided to go to the South Center Mall.  We hadn’t been there since before Christmas, so it sounded like a fun Saturday project.  It ended up taking WAY longer than I was planning so I missed Skyping with my parents.  😦  We left our apartments around 2pm, walked to the bus stop, and rode the bus uneventfully to the mall.  The mall was very crowded, so apparently a lot of people had the same idea we did (which essentially was to get ‘out’ while still staying inside since it was so cold!).  The mall is so huge that it’s pretty exhausting walking around the whole thing, but we actually did!  We also went to Guitar Center, which is across the street from the mall but isn’t actually in the mall itself.  I found some very cheap long-sleeved shirts and tank tops at a cool little store called Alley Kat, so that was nice.  Aside from that, though, we didn’t buy anything except for food.  For lunch I got a salad from an awesome little place where you can make your own salad from a salad bar.  It was yummy!  My salad included (but was not limited to): spring greens, romaine, spinach, tomatos, cucumbers, olives, strawberries, green peppers, celery,  and black beans.  I also got a pomegranate/acai berry smoothie.  Very good!  Mike stood in line at a Japanese restaurant for twenty minutes.  It was by far the restaurant in the mall food court that had the longest line.  Mike said that’s why he picked it… he figured if it had such a long line it must be good.  🙂  It was pretty cool… there were four Japanese men with big red chef’s hats standing shoulder to shoulder in front of a massive stir fry station, and they cooked the stir fries right in front of you.  Massive amounts of steam rose up whenever they dumped a new batch of raw meat on the stovetop, and every once in awhile the head chef would yell out something in Japanese.  Very fun!

After eating, we continued to wander around the mall, but my feet started getting tired.  That’s the problem with doing my long run on Saturdays… it kind of wears me out for the rest of the day.  I got some veggie pasta soup in the food court hoping for a burst of energy, and it gave me a little boost of energy but unfortunately not very much.  We still wandered around for awhile, but then I was just tired, so we left the mall and headed to the bus stop.  As we left the mall, we realized it was snowing.  Not good, but we had hopes that it wouldn’t actually be snowing in Seattle since Seattle almost never gets snow even when the surrounding cities do.  It was a cold wait, and I was glad when the bus showed up!  Back in Seattle, we found that it was not snowing.  Yea!  All in all it was a very full day… Sunday will need to be a relaxing day to give me a chance to recuperate!


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