On a windy quest for Sumac…

I’m crazy… back to post again, even though I already posted this morning!  However, I’ve been receiving feedback (* Yes, Mom… this is referring to you *) that I need more pictures on my blog and more specifically, pictures of Piper.

So, here are a few choice pictures of my favorite feline.

Piper showing mild interest

Piper... showing mild interest in the camera


Piper losing interest in the camera

Piper... Losing interest in the camera


Piper returning to her nap

Piper returning to her nap


Yes, this is pretty much what she does all day except for a brief half hour when she throws her little mousies around and chases them.  This half hour usually ends with her batting her mousie off the bed or under the couch.  Once it’s not in her field of vision anymore she forgets about it and moves on to other things… like sleeping.  🙂

My apartment is warm and smells really good because I started a slow cooker beef stew for Mike.  It’s been going for about five hours now, so it’ll probably be done in a couple more.  I’m sipping Japanese twig tea… I’d never tried it before but it was on sale at Whole Foods, and I’ll try any kind of tea once.  It’s very mellow and it tastes disturbingly similar to what I would imagine twigs actually taste like.  I’m enjoying it nonetheless.

I went down to the Pike’s Place market this morning because I knew there was a Spice store there and I haven’t been able to find Sumac (a Mediterranean spice) at all in Seattle.  The walk there was VERY windy, and the closer I got to the waterfront, the windier it got.  It also started to rain in a misty, light kind of way.  I thought about just turning around and going home, but I’m glad I didn’t.  The spice store was amazing!


Market Spice

Market Spice...

I think the girl behind the counter saw me taking this picture as she sipped her tea.  I’m sure I either looked like a weirdo who wanted her picture or an overzealous tourist.  🙂

Another aisle in Market Spice

Another aisle in Market Spice

As you can see, there are just tons of spices in big jars, and you ask for the ones you want and they get measured into little baggies for you.  I loved it!  It reminds me very much of the Spice House that Cathy and Todd used to live near in Chicago.  I got a baggie of Sumac and one of Saigon Cinnamon.  The Sumac is for salads, and the Cinnamon is for oatmeal, cereal, sweet potatos… and the list goes on.  🙂  Cinnamon tastes good on almost everything.

Mike has been really tired today because he didn’t sleep well last night, so he’s been laying low and hasn’t even been working on music or anything.  I’m off to see if he wants to try some Japanese twig tea.  I have a feeling he won’t even think it’s safe to drink.  🙂


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