An Italian dinner… no I didn’t cook this one. :)

This is a busy, busy week!  Both yesterday and Monday at work were just crazily busy… by the time I even had a chance to look at the clock on Monday it was 4pm.  We had two developers in town from our Cupertino/San Francisco location.  One of them left Monday afternoon to go back to Cupertino, but the other just left today.  I realized that his hotel is right next to the Lululemon Store where I was going to do my run club Monday evening so I suggested that after my run club Mike and I could take him out to Il Fornaio.

After the super busy day at work, I hurried home, changed into my running clothes, and asked Mike to bring my down coat with him when he came downtown to meet me for dinner… it was chilly and windy and I wouldn’t want it while I was running but I knew that I’d want it by the time we went out to dinner!

This was the first Running Club meeting I had attended, and I was very excited!  They were just starting it up again after the holidays.  It was a nice, easy warm-up run from my apartment to the store, so I arrived at the store pleasantly warmed up and ready to run some more!  I met the other girls in the running group… all of whom were very friendly and nice.  And obviously we had at least yoga and running in common!  🙂  The run itself was great… only 3 miles so kind of short, but very fun!  The lights got fewer and fewer as we ran outside of the downtown area, and then when we turned around to head back, we were viewing all of the gorgeous lights of Seattle.  Very fun!

Then we met up with Steve at the Westin and took him over to Il Fornaio.  It was a very fun evening!  He and Mike had some things in common and we were all able to talk freely.  The atmosphere there was awesome too… dim lighting, not too crowded.  We had a lot of fun, and it was 10:30pm before we realized it.  We dropped him off at his hotel and headed back towards home.  I was really tired when we got home.  There was definitely no way I was getting up at 5am to go running!  Morning run + Work + Run Club + Evening out = Really tired.  🙂  Stay tuned for news of my hair appointment yesterday if anyone’s interested.  🙂


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