A Club, a Pub, and the Waterfront

What a relief that it’s Saturday!  This has been such a busy week (both at work and after work).  On Thursday night Mike and I rented a Zipcar and drove down to the Sodo area of town (where the baseball and football stadiums are) and located the club where the Crystal Method was playing.  One of the opening DJs was playing when we got there, but he was amazing too!  He actually has opened for Tiesto and a lot of the other international DJs.  The club was packed and everyone was enjoying the music and dancing.  The lights were great, and the sound system at the club was just awesome… the music seemed to come from everywhere!  One of my friends from work came with his girlfriend, so Mike and I met up with them, but it was pretty loud for us to be able to do any actual talking.  So mostly we just danced.  🙂  We were able to get very close to the area where the DJ was playing.  Crystal Method came on around midnight… and the crowd roared as the lights dimmed and the long thunder roll of a heavy baseline started.  Crystal Method was very cool!  Their music is different from the Trance/House music that Mike and I have listened to before.  Their music sounds very geometric to me.  That doesn’t really mean anything musically, but somehow when I hear their music I think of squares, rectangles, triangles… any of those shapes that have sharp angles and corners.  We stayed at the club until shortly after 1am, and then we decided it was time to call it a night.  I thought I would be absolutely exhausted at work the next morning but surprisingly I wasn’t.  I slept in later than I usually do since I didn’t get up early to run, and I was pretty good for most of the day despite having gotten little sleep the night before.

Last night Mike and I were ready for something relaxing and low-key.  We went to a tiny Irish pub near our house for dinner.  I love it there!  The atmosphere is always so welcoming and friendly, they’ve got upbeat fiddle tunes playing on their sound system, and it’s always full of chatty people in good moods.  We had very standard Irish fare: vegetable soup and soda bread for me and Shepherd’s pie for Mike.  Mike gave me his soda bread, because I absolutely love it… it’s just ridiculously good and perfect for dipping into hot veggie soup!  On the way back to our apartment we stopped at Espresso Vivace to get decaf coffees to enjoy while we watched a Mad Men episode.  We only have a single episode before we’re all caught up… and then we have to wait until season 5 starts this summer.

I was debating whether or not to run this morning because last night was rainy, cold, and windy, so I set my alarm for 6:30am and decided to see how the weather looked.  At 6:30, it was beautiful outside!  No rain, no cold… and most importantly no wind!  So I suited up in my running gear and took to the streets!  Typically I’ve been running a lot in the University of Washington district… it’s pretty and it’s close to my apartment, but since it was so nice today I decided to run down by Pike’s Place market and north along the Puget Sound.  It was a beautiful, beautiful run!  The downtown part was fun… seeing all the vendors getting their produce out in preparation for the market day!  As I ran north I left the city behind and ran up along the water into Elliot Bay Park, which runs along the water for about a mile.  It was gorgeous!  The only sounds were the seagulls and the lapping of the waves on the rocks along the shore.  The sun was chasing the remaining clouds away, so the mountains were visible to the west across Elliot Bay.  It was just gorgeous!  I passed a couple of giant freighters, apparently bringing something into port and continued to run north for awhile before turning around to head back.  It’s always beautiful running into Seattle because you see the tall buildings get larger and larger in your field of vision until suddenly you’re right downtown!  I found myself running through Pike’s Place again, and this time it was full of people checking out all the great produce and the fresh fish.  Very cool!  I passed Le Panier Bakery, and the smells coming out of there were amazing.  I would have stopped but I had no money.  🙂  So I kept running.  It was just over a 12 mile run.  I wish every day could be as beautiful for running as this one.  Before anyone points out that the title of this blog is, after all, “rainy day runner” not “sunny day runner”, I would like to add in my defense that I have definitely done my share of rainy day runs as well.  A sunny day run always has a great energizing feel to it, and I needed that today because I have been having a very low energy week, despite the protein powder!  I should also add, in the true spirit of honesty, that I was exhausted after the run and took the elevator up to my apartment even though usually I take the stairs.  I know it seems counterintuitive to run 12 miles and then take an elevator up to the fourth floor, but after 12 miles that elevator just looked pretty good.  🙂

After showering, I headed out to Whole Foods.  They have this amazing snack called Curry Sticks and Twigs on sale this week and I had to stock up!  They are so good (if you like curry anyway… and I am extremely addicted to it)!  🙂


I also had to pick up some Helios Kefir… Lia recommended it to me, so I’ve been anxious to try it.

Piper’s on my lap now, even though in general this morning she’s been glued to the open window enjoying the warmth and the sunshine.

Piper Enjoying the Sunshine

Piper Enjoying the Sunshine


I think she’s just happy I’m home because I’ve been gone so many evenings this week.  Hopefully soon Mike and I can head downtown or something to take advantage of the beautiful weather!  🙂


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