The week is flying by!

It’s already Tuesday… time continues to fly!  I had Run Club last night, which was a lot of fun.  There were about 10 or 15 people there last night, and it was perfect running weather!  I’m starting to get to know people there, which is cool.

Mike has been on a weird almost third shift kind of schedule, so this morning I did some hill training and then he ran a mile and a half with me.  It’s sprinkling out this morning, so I guess that makes both Mike and me real “rainy day runners”.  Because it was kind of cold and wet, though, I’m still cold even though I’ve taken a hot shower.  I turned my heater on and I have my feet in front of it now.  Piper’s mewing a lot… I suspect because she’s mad that I’m hogging the heat.  🙂

Mike’s weird third shift schedule has left him free to concentrate on job-searching and working on trance music during the night, which are the hours he seems to be the most productive.  He seems to be making a lot of progress on it, and that’s exciting.

Ok… off to work!


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