Tasty Treasures…

It was a crazyily busy day at work.  I don’t think wordpress approves of the word ‘crazily’ because it’s underlining it in red, but I think that’s the appropriate word for it.  Both yesterday and today the work day has gone by so fast I hardly know what to think.  It’s very nice to be busy, though!  It makes me appreciate my laid back evenings with Mike and Piper more too.  🙂

I’ve discovered a new kind of Friskies canned cat food called “Tasty Treasures”.  I wasn’t sure whether it was a gimmick or not, but I got a couple of cans and it doesn’t appear to be gimmicky… Piper just LOVES it!  I’m planning to go to the store tomorrow morning, so I’ll get some more while it’s on sale.

This morning I ran up and down one of the big hills near my apartment for a hill workout.  I was REALLY tired at the end of that!  The hill workouts in Michigan were just nothing compared to the hill workouts here!  Then Mike and I did a mile and a half run together after that.  It was slightly rainy, but mostly the rain just kept us cool while we ran.  The whole morning had the feeling of spring… that fresh scent in the air that signals things are alive and growing.

I made yet another slow cooker meal in the crockpot this weekend.  I have received a request to post the recipes that I use, so here is the one that I made this weekend:


All of the recipes I use are from the Taste of Home slow cooker cookbook, and so far they’ve all been really good.  Here’s the book I’ve been using in case anyone has a great desire to get into crockpot cooking like I have!


Tonight everything is very quiet, and the sky is clear, and you can hear sounds once in awhile of people walking by on the street below.  They’re probably coming from REI… regardless of the time of day or night there seems to be a steady stream of people going into REI and coming out an hour later with giant bags of things.  This flagship REI store almost has its own cult following.  I guess it’s nice living right next door to their flagship store… there’s always a lot of bustle and activity around that store!


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