Dog Bakeries… Who would have thought?

Even though it was a crazyily busy week at week, today was surprisingly relaxing.  My officemate brought his beautiful, ladylike Alaskan Malamute named Seely into work.  Another friend of mine brought in his Pembroke Corgi named Baxter, so two of my favorite dogs were in the office.  Because of this (and because it was a more relaxed day at work today than the other days this week), I decided to take a lunch break and walk to the dog bakery next to Whole Foods to get special treats for those two special dogs in my life.  Yes, I did say ‘dog bakery’.  Seattlites are very serious about their dogs.  🙂  I’d actually never been to the dog bakery before, even though I’d noticed it several times because it was specifically marketed as a dog bakery and I didn’t think I’d be able to find anything for Piper there.  I opened the door, and a pleasant little bell jingled.  The sole occupant of the store (apparently the owner) was on the phone, which gave me a few minutes to browse the store.  The bakery area was right up front.  There were sprinkled donuts, crepes, fire hydrant-shaped cutout cookies, and other pastry-looking things (that honestly looked more appetizing than the treats at many people bakeries I’ve been to).  There were also many other bagged dog treats, dog food, dog bowls, dog collars, etc.  I decided to get each dog two donuts, for a total of four donuts.  Two of the donuts had little dash-shaped sprinkles, and two of them had star-shaped sprinkles, and they all had different colors of frosting.

The guy behind the counter was very helpful and friendly, so I asked him whether there was anything in the store for cats since I felt somewhat guilty buying treats for the two dogs and nothing for Piper.  Success!  He said all of the cat stuff was in the back of the store.  I migrated there without any further delay and found some cat treats for Piper as well as the most adorable little green food bowl with a pawprint on it.  She’s been eating off of a disposable plastic plate for way too long!  Now she officially has her own little food bowl.  🙂

I got back to work, and gave Seely and Baxter each a dog donut, and they were a huge hit!  🙂

Then, at about 4pm I suggested music, and my officemate put on his iTunes playlist and we rocked out until a little after 5pm.

Last night Mike and I went out for dinner and drinks to a little Italian restaurant in Post Alley, a very charming alley filled with shops near Pike’s Place.  The restaurant, called the Pink Door, was started by an Italian woman who received her culinary training in France and moved to Seattle and started her own little restaurant.  It’s actually below ground level in Post Alley, so you enter through the pink door and then go down a steep flight of little stairs to get to the restaurant.  From there, you could look up at the windows near the ceiling and see people’s feet pass by on the street above.  We didn’t have a reservation and it was quite crowded, but we ended up getting a very cool little table for two with a tall candle on it.  Our waitress was amazing, and we shared red wine and Italian food.  We also discovered that they have live music there every single night of the week.  Every Monday night they actually have a trapeze artist who swings above the people eating.  That seems extreme in some weird way.  I don’t usually associate trapeze artists with food… but why not?  The live entertainment for last night was a European jazz trio.  They were good and played a lot of cool, mellow jazz.  It was a very fun evening out!  🙂

To balance out last evening’s “night out”, tonight Mike and I are relaxing in his apartment.  I fed Piper, and now I have my netbook and am blogging and then I’m going to work on French, and Mike is working on Trance music and asking me to listen to various riffs periodically.  I admit to being slightly biased, but I think the music he’s working on is really good.  He really throws himself into things when he’s interested in them and always seems to do well.

All right… time to get back to life and away from blogging… Mike has accused me of not listening to him properly while I’m blogging and he’s right.  🙂


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