A rainy weekend filled with naps :)

Marathon training is staring me in the face.  I’ve been keeping a 10 – 12 mile “long run” each week since January 1st, but haven’t gotten up beyond that.  Yesterday was the time!

I woke up yesterday bright and early (with the help of an alarm clock) and saw from weather.com that it was supposed to start raining hard around 9am.  That meant that either I wanted to be done running by 9am or else I wanted to be on a treadmill at 9am.  (Yes… I really am that wimpy, despite the title of my blog.)  The weather was beautiful outside… mid 40’s and not too windy.  It was sprinkling rain when I started out.  My goal was 14 miles… something to prove to myself that I could break past that 10 – 12 mile long run.  I ran up to Fremont through the south end of the University District and then ran north through Fremont on one of the running trails.  By the time I got to Fremont I was already pretty wet.  I stopped to have some runner’s goo (a gel-based running fuel full of electrolytes, sugar, and other goodies).  The run back was slightly more wet…. it was starting to rain harder  I saw a lot of other runners out, though, so apparently I wasn’t the only one running through the rain.  I crossed the University bridge on my way home, and everything was beautiful but I could see dark clouds coming in.  Yes, more rain was definitely coming.  I didn’t realize how wet I was until I entered my house and was dripping all over my floor.  Time for a hot shower!   Showers after runs always feel so amazing!

Later, Mike and I went grocery shopping and then stopped at Guitar Center so Mike could get the upgrade to a piece of electronic music software he has.  He spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening installing it.  Mike is excited about Guitar Center because they recently started carrying a piece of electronic music equipment that he really likes and wants, so now he wants to go to Guitar Center pretty frequently to check out their electronic music equipment.

I got some Helios Kefir, which Lia recommended to me.  It is absolutely amazing… I love it!  It’s much better than the Kefir brand I was drinking before!

We decided that we wanted a nice relaxing evening, so I fed Piper and then went downstairs to Mike’s apartment to hang out with him while he installed his software upgrade which, like most software upgrades, mostly involved waiting patiently and periodically clicking ‘Next’.  I read some of my running magazines and Mike monitored his software and read an Electronic Music magazine that he gets.  I got tired long before Mike did and called it quits and went to bed around midnight.

Mike called me at 7am (really 6am) and I was still asleep, but he was awake and had been up all night looking stuff up online and working with his new software.  Despite our ‘no coffee’ streak, we still have it occasionally and Mike wanted to know if I wanted to go for coffee.  I was definitely up for that, so we walked over to Espresso Vivace in the rain and got coffees to go.  We talked for awhile, but around 11am Mike was running out of gas and went to bed.  I stayed up for awhile doing some chores around my apartment but then I took a nap too.  Sunday afternoon naps feel so restful and restorative… it’s amazing how much better you feel afterwards!

Then I walked to the grocery store to get some things to make a slow cooker roast tomorrow.  It was raining really hard on my way to the store, but it died down a lot while I was in the store so it was pretty dry while I was walking home with the groceries.  Now Mike and I are just hanging out at his apartment, and I suspect that he’s going to start working on music again soon.

All in all, a very quiet, rainy weekend, but it was restful and restorative, and I feel like we both needed that!  🙂


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