An Efficient Morning

Despite the fact that I usually get up early, I don’t often do a lot of relaxing in the mornings and I was pretty sure this morning would be even less relaxing than usual because I was planning on going for a run, writing a blog post, and starting a slow cooker meal.  However, lo and behold, I woke up wide awake at 4am.  I am definitely not advocating getting up at 4am as a general rule, but since I knew I had a lot to do this morning anyway, I popped out of bed.

Now, a mere three hours later, I’ve gone for a run, started the slow cooker beef stew, fed Piper and myself breakfast, cleaned Piper’s litterbox, cleaned up the kitchen, gotten the trash gathered together, and am now drinking Japanese twig tea.  I feel so efficient!

I would love to post the recipe from the Taste of Home slow cooker cookbook for the beef stew I’m making, but it’s actually a member exclusive on their site so without a username and password you couldn’t view it.  However, if some of you do have a Taste of Home account, just log in and search for “Traditional Beef Stew”.  This is my second time making the recipe, and I actually change the recipe a lot.  I add in more potatoes and celery than recommended, and I don’t put in any tomatoes or onions, but I do add generous shakes of onion powder.  It’s one of Mike’s favorites from the cookbook (and maybe it’s one of everyone’s favorites and that’s why it’s a “member exclusive”!).

Piper’s sitting on my lap as I write this, and I shifted my weight slightly, and she lost her balance and fell off my lap.  She only fell about a foot and a half, so I know she wasn’t hurt.  She stood there on the ground for a minute as though in shock, and then she started to cry pitifully.  In some ways she seems so much like a baby; I feel like a baby’s reaction would be dumbfounded shock followed by scared “I don’t know what just happened” kind of crying.  I scooped her up, petted her, and put her back on my lap and now she seems very content to stare at the computer screen as I type, almost as though she knows what I’m writing.

Yesterday was rainy and cold.  The day before was sunny and warm.  I have no idea what today will be like!  I do sense spring in the air, though… on both the warm and the cold days.  The flowers are blooming and everything’s coming alive again for spring.  I love it!

Monday night I went to the Lululemon Run Club downtown.  Typically that’s a slow, easy 3 mile run but I was late leaving my apartment so I had to run fast to get there, and then there was a new girl there who’s a fast runner, so she and I ran together with another guy at the front of the pack and ended up going about four miles instead of three.  Then we did sprints the last several blocks back to the store, so it ended up being pretty strenuous.  Back at the store, they had a twenty minute abs class so I stayed to do that since I hadn’t heard from Mike yet, and then I ran home fast because it had started to rain and was getting cold.  So I was pretty tired that night!  It turned out Mike had fallen asleep.  When I got back and stopped by his apartment he was just waking up, but his apartment was clean and spotless and his electric guitar was out of its case.  He spent a pretty full day cleaning, then played some electric guitar, and then fell asleep.

Last night Mike and I had a low-key night.  We were both tired… we thought about watching a movie, but even that sounded strenuous.  Mike hasn’t been doing music the past couple of days.  We’ve both been following the tragedy in Japan, and somehow I don’t really feel like doing French and he doesn’t really feel like doing electronic music after hearing about how much the people in Japan are struggling right now.  They’ve lost family members, homes, businesses… and now there’s radiation leaking from the nuclear reactors.  What a terrible, terrible tragedy!  My thoughts and prayers are with them!

Mike ordered a little recorder that you can carry around with you (for music purposes), and it’s supposed to come in the mail today.  We’ll probably walk around downtown tonight so he can try it out outside and see how well it records with all the ambient noise outside.  That’s a nice, low-key activity that doesn’t require much effort.

Happy, happy birthday to my sweet, non-Irish mom whose birthday is tomorrow on St. Patrick’s Day!  🙂  Also, happy, happy birthday to Mike’s mom, whose birthday is one week from my mom’s birthday!  The cards are in the mail, and Mike and I miss you both very much and send you both lots of love on your birthdays!


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