Early Breakfast and Piper in the Box

On Thursday morning at 6am, Mike called me.  He was awake and he was hungry.  We almost never go out to breakfast, but we decided it would be a fun thing to do.  Finding a restaurant open at 6am was somewhat difficult, but then I remembered a restaurant close to our house that’s open 24 hours.  We’d never been there before, but I’d been curious about it.  It looked like a really nice place and had a lounge attached to it that was open during lounge hours (that wasn’t 24 hrs obviously!).  It was kind of fun walking there early in the morning before it was light outside and when there weren’t many people out and about.  As we entered the restaurant, it seemed like a great atmosphere almost immediately.  The hostess who seated us was middle-aged and was very cheery and friendly.  She gave us our choice of sitting at a booth or at the bar.  Mike and I opted for the bar.  We love watching the cooks prepare the food and love looking at all their big, industrial size pots, pans, and other equipment.  We sat in large vinyl-backed chairs in front of the tall bar and watched as the cook lit up the stovetops and started warming up pots and gathering ingredients.  It always makes me feel like such an “insider” to get to see them at work.  🙂  Mike got biscuits and gravy and I got oatmeal and fresh fruit.  Our food got delivered pretty promptly, and since we were right in front of the cook, we had a good idea of the speed at which it was getting done anyway.  🙂  It was a very fun time!  We were both stuffed, because the portion sizes were very generous so we welcomed our walk home as a way to help our food settle and start to digest.  It was a fun early morning outing, and I really want to go back sometime and try their dinner menu!

Friday was a busy day at work, and went by fast.  Almost too fast… by the time I looked up it was time to leave.  I just can’t believe how quickly my days go by now!  Mike and I were planning to do something Friday night, but I called him when I left work and there was no answer.  I tried calling him again after I got home, and he answered but sounded very sleepy, and it turned out that he had dozed off.  I told him he could just call me later when he was more awake.  Well, that was the last I heard of him that evening.  🙂  I called it a night pretty early as well… for whatever reason we were both exhausted and needed some sleep.

Today was very busy!  Saturday is typically the day for my long runs, and I had decided that I wanted to see if I could find Green Lake.  Running friends of mine had told me about it and said there was a great running path around it and that it was a really beautiful run.  I knew it was about four miles away and that it was 3 miles around the lake, so I figured I’d at least get in 8 miles there and back plus the 3 around the lake.  As it turned out, I got slightly lost getting there (so what else is new?).  Just when I was ready to give up and head down to Fremont instead, I crested a hill and saw a lake at the bottom.  Aha!  Victory!  I cruised down the hill and started the run around the lake.  It was so beautiful!  The sun was coming up, the temperatures were in the high forties even though it was still early, and the college crew teams were out on the water rowing with their coaches calling out instructions through megaphones.  Lots and lots of people were already running and walking around the lake.  Some people were by themselves, some were with other people, some were walking their dogs.  It was a beautiful scenic run, and the trails were wide enough for everyone to have plenty of room.  I was almost sorry to head back towards home; however, I had coordinated with Mike that he would run a couple miles with me when I got back so I was looking forward to that.  Apparently my whole miles calculation was off somehow because my wristwatch GPS registered  13.5 miles by the time I got home (either that or the extra mileage was due to getting lost… which is actually a more likely scenario), and I ran another 2.5 with Mike, giving me a total of 16 for the day.  Amazingly enough it didn’t feel like the hardest thing I’d ever done and I feel like I actually could have run farther.  I just have to do that again on marathon day.  Well, that plus 10 more miles.  🙂

After running, showering, and breakfast, Mike I hopped on a bus going north to find a music store Mike wanted to look at.  We located the store without much trouble, but there really wasn’t much there Mike was interested in.  It mostly had low-cost guitars less than $100, and neither of us need any of those.  Then we hopped another bus going farther north to get to the Northgate Mall.  We’d never been there before, but thought it would be fun to check it out.  It was reasonably fun… going someplace new is always fun… but really it was a pretty typical mall.  Nordstroms, Macys, JCPennys, Best Buy, a food court… pretty standard and nothing that was overly exciting.  Still, it was a fun day out and the weather got up into the mid 50s and was sunny and beautiful so it was nice just to be out and around.

When we got back I fed Piper and am hanging out with her for awhile.  Mike was pretty tired and went down to his apartment.  Piper, in contrast, was raring to go, and discovered a small, empty box next to my closet and wedged herself inside.  I had to laugh at her, because when I came to check on her, she popped her head out of the box just like a little jack-in-the-box.  She just loves boxes, bags, and anything else she can get inside and explore.  🙂  I’m getting tired too… definitely not time for bed yet but maybe it’s time to read a magazine or something and see if Mike wants to hang out!


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