Rain on the Windows and Talking in the Street

Mike and I had a fun and relaxing night last night.  We didn’t do anything special, but sometimes those are the best nights.  🙂  In the afternoon we walked down to Pioneer Square to a music store Mike wanted to go to, and then on the way back we stopped at Barnes and Noble and Mike got a music magazine and I got a health book.  Mike and my hobbies are pretty predictable I think.  🙂  Then we walked home and got home as it was starting to get really windy and rainy.  We sat in Mike’s apartment and Mike worked on music and I read my health book.  We had the window open a crack so we could hear the rain starting to patter on the window and I could look down at the street below and see people with umbrellas hurrying to stores or to their cars to get out of the rain.  The wind was blowing so hard that one of the streetlights even seemed to be moving.  But Mike and I were warm and dry and could just look down at the wet world outside.  We just hung out until I had to go upstairs to go to sleep.

Today just flew by at work.  Again.  The days just go by so fast… I can’t believe I actually spend 8+ hours a day at work.  It’s crazy!

After work today I stopped by home to feed Piper and then stopped by to see Mike, and then I went to the Monday night running club at Lululemon.  It’s so much fun!  New girls come a lot of weeks, and so I get to meet so many new people, and I’m also starting to make friends with some of the “regulars” who come every week.  It was a beautiful evening for a run… very, very windy but dry and clear and not too cold.  Afterwards we had snacks at Lululemon and then did a short abs workout.  Then I ran home, still experiencing the runner’s high, and stopped by Mike’s apartment to hear the trance song he’s working on.  My gosh… it sounds so good!  I’m so impressed!  I feel like he’s made more progress on learning this whole electronic music production thing in four months than I could make in four years.  I feel like an electrical engineer who used to be a music major and has Mike’s level of intelligence is the perfect person to be making electronic music!  It’s exciting to hear the things he creates that I would have no clue how to do!  🙂

Piper is sitting on my lap now… she almost always sits on my lap while I type blog posts… I don’t know why.  She usually watches my screen too, like she’s reading what I’m typing.  Her little black marshmallow paw is resting right next to my keyboard and she’s purring contentedly.  She’s going to be mad in a minute because I’m going to finish this post and get up and head to bed.  I have my window open a crack since it’s nice outside and periodically I can hear people go by on the street below, talking and laughing.  I love living in a city and feeling like I’m in the middle of a place where there are always so many people awake.  I can’t stay awake 24 hours a day… I would be exhausted… but in some strange way as I lay in bed at night and start falling asleep I like thinking of all the people awake in the city who are still awake and doing things.


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