Poor Piper!

Piper has just not been feeling well lately… she threw up on my bed last night.  😦  I’m not sure what the problem is.  I’m giving her very little canned food for the next couple of days, because the dry food seems like it would be easier on her stomach, and she hasn’t wanted much of the canned food anyway.  She also threw up this weekend.  Poor Piper!  I hope she feels better soon!  She seems fine right now… she’s sitting next to the lamp (because she loves the warmth) and she’s looking out the window.

It seemed as though Mike was getting a little tired of the slow cooker meals, even though I was trying to mix things up (I mean, there’s only so many beef rump roasts and chicken stews you can eat, right?).  🙂  So last night I tried to think of something I hadn’t made in awhile and came up with tacos.  Tacos… the quick and easy, completely customizable dinner!  Twenty minutes and a pound of ground beef later, I had taco meat and Uncle Ben’s wild rice simmering on the stovetop while I chatted with Tamara and caught up with her.  It had been so long since I’d talked to her!  I have to make sure we don’t go that long without talking next time!  I don’t know whether Mike liked the tacos, because I actually started them while talking to Tamara and didn’t finish talking to Tamara till I had finished cooking and Mike had eaten and then gone back downstairs.  Hopefully they were good, though.  I cheated and used the McCormicks taco seasoning.  I would love to make my own though, using a blend of spices, so if anyone has a good taco seasoning recipe, feel free to post it by commenting on this post!

Mike was out of milk, so he and I walked to Whole Foods last night.  It was the most beautiful day outside!  It was about 60 degrees and sunny.  So gorgeous!  Everyone was out walking, running, or biking.  Lots of people had dogs with them, and the dogs seemed to love being outdoors.  On the way back it was starting to become twilight, and it was every more gorgeous!  I love having it be twilight but still warm!  It’s supposed to drop down to the low fifties today and the rest of the week, though, so we’ll have to wait till next week to see temps that nice again!

On our way back from Whole Foods, Mike and I stopped and got decaf coffees to drink.  It was such a relaxing night!  Except that my hand hurt.  The last time Mike and I got a zipcar and went to the grocery store to get heavy things, I got the most giant containers of laundry detergent ever… and when I opened one of them for the first time a few days ago it was extremely heavy and very hard to pour.  And I think I sprained or strained something in my wrist trying to manoveur it so I could pour it into the washer.  Seriously… who else hurts their wrist/hand by holding laundry detergent?  I think only me.  However, that laundry detergent really is heavy.  In our corporate world of lawsuits and liability and disclaimer labels, I think that the laundry detergent should have a label that says “Danger: Contents May be Heavier Than They Appear”.  🙂  My hand feels much better today though and it never bruised or anything so I think I just strained something and it’s in the process of healing.  It doesn’t appear to be hindering my typing abilities.  🙂

Mike has gotten a little interest in his resume from a couple of recruiters for contract positions, so hopefully he’ll at least get a phone interview from one of those.  We’re kind of reserving judgment on the positions until we hear more about what they involve; it sounds like they might be strongly related to the type of work he did in Michigan and not really related to what he wants to do now.  But we’re staying optimistic!  In the meantime it’s nice for him to be able to spend a lot of time with his music.  He’s been playing a lot more electric guitar these days in addition to working on his trance music.  He hasn’t been playing the ukulele much, but maybe now that Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam is releasing an album called Ukulele Songs that will give Mike some ukulele inspiration again.  🙂

I would love to finish up this post and get ready for work, but Piper’s curled up on my lap now and I feel bad kicking her off since she hasn’t been feeling well so I’ll give her a couple more minutes on my lap.  I really do have to kick her off my lap soon though.  Poor Piper!


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