Fresh Pico de Gallo

This morning when my phone alarm went off at 5am I was tired and very warm and comfortable in bed, so I hit the snooze button since I wasn’t planning on running this morning anyway.  I apparently kept hitting the snooze button every five minutes until 5:30, when Piper had enough.  The alarm went off yet again and I reached over to get it, but Piper got in my way and mewed in my face and I ended up knocking my phone violently on the floor.  Well, that was one way to get me to wake up and turn off the phone alarm for good.  Piper meowed a bunch, so I think she’s feeling better and was hungry.  I gave her some canned food and she started nibbling right away.  I’m glad she’s feeling better!

Last night Mike and I finished my taxes… yea!  🙂  Now we’re both done with our taxes and I had some of the pico de gallo that Mike made yesterday.  It’s very spicy because he used fresh jalapeños, so it was actually a little spicy for him.  I liked it though… it’s definitely got a bite to it and he made it with all fresh ingredients.  It goes well with the tacos that I made yesterday.

Piper is lying in my lap and purring audibly.  Usually her purrs aren’t very audible.  I think she missed me because I was at Mike’s apartment most of last night working on taxes.  I did get to bed around 10pm though, and she curled up next to me during the night.

It has been just beautiful the past couple of days!  Sunny and 60 degrees!  All of the flowering trees are getting blossoms, and everything just feels like spring!

Ok… time to get ready for work.  Poor Piper… I feel like I’m always having to kick her off my lap!


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